A Mother’s Undying Love

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A Mother’s Undying Love

May 12, 2017 | JVP's Blog

“Mother’s love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved.” Erich Fromm


I’ve been sensing the presence of my mother all week. It’s not surprising, considering yesterday was her birthday and this Sunday is Mother’s day.

Our relationship wasn’t perfect while she was alive, but I’ll always appreciate the insightful way she helped me understand and accept my mediumship. When I first told her I could see dead people at the foot of my bed, she acted as if it was totally natural – but also explained that not everyone had the ability to connect with Spirit, and that it was a gift.

Now, my mother is one of my guides, protecting, nurturing and assisting me in a way that she was unable to do in life. She signals her presence with a “Blue Moon” – her favorite song. I’ll often hear a few notes of the song or see a Blue Moon Beer sign and know that mom is near.

Why is a mother’s love so special?

A mother loves you unconditionally – no matter what you do. Maternal love is the highest, most divine love of all – always there to nurture, heal and protect you.  When you have access to this kind of love, no matter how out of control life might be, you’ll always have a solid foundation.

Maternal love and grounding energy is necessary for all of us –if you haven’t experienced it yourself it’s difficult to come from a place of love and forgiveness when dealing with others.  If you think about it, many (if not all) of the problems of the world can be traced to a lack of this quality.

If maternal love is so critical, what can you do if your biological mother isn’t around, or is incapable of providing that special brand of unconditional love?

Luckily, the universe has you covered –

You can find a substitute mother figure – an aunt, grandmother, family friend – any loving grounded soul who you can truly connect with will do. Beyond any one individual, there’s mother love all around you. Earth Mother energy is everywhere – it’s the ground under your feet – healing and supporting you. To feel it, just sit for a moment in nature and offer your gratitude to the earth.  Let the mother energy in the universe, the air, the moon, the stars ground and rejuvenate you.

In honor of all of the mothers and children who have benefitted from my teachings, this weekend I’m offering a special sale on three amazing online courses – use code mom30 at checkout and save 30% on Bringing Heaven Home, A Day in the Spirit World and the 28 Days to Total Transformation course. If you’re missing a mother or grandmother who has passed, or you’re ready to be the very best you and share your own brand of unconditional love with the world – these lessons will help you on your way!