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Go With The Flow!

May 5, 2017 | JVP's Blog

“Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of these things and still be calm in your heart.” — Unknown

Last week, before heading off on my four-city tour, I posted a blog about how to handle the current celestial “situation” of four planets in retrograde. My advice was to release the need to control everything, and focus on using your intuition to deal with any challenges and surprises the universe puts in your path.

Naturally, before my first event even started, I was given the opportunity to take my own advice. Here’s a snapshot of a couple of days on tour that illustrate what happens when, despite the chaos around you, you let go and go with the flow:

Atlanta Georgia:

What were we thinking when we decided to try a new ticket scanning device (instead of our trusty list and clip-board) when Mercury was in retrograde? Needless to say, that scanner didn’t work at all! Peggy, my companion and helper on the road, did her best to shelter me from the worst of the check-in drama, but I found myself imagining that people who had bought tickets wouldn’t be able to get in to the event.

Worrying creates a vibration that repels Spirit – so as soon as I felt myself going down that path, I found a quiet corner and dropped into a meditative state. I set my intention to welcome the ticket holders and deliver detailed and loving Spirit messages to them. I asked my guides to clear the space of any negativity and replace it with JOY. Sure enough, when I stepped on stage and cued up the music, I could feel the love in the air as Spirit images and messages flooded in.

What I learned from this? When you start “what if-ing” and imagining the worst, sit in the silence for a moment, clear your mind of the worst case scenarios and invite Spirit to fill the space with love and joy. Oh, and avoid trying out new technology when Mercury is in retrograde!

St. Petersburg, Florida:

At this event, check-in went smoothly (we had abandoned any attempt to use the electronic ticket scanners and printed out paper lists). However, Mercury wasn’t done with me!

On stage the audio from my microphone kept stopping and starting. There was no explanation for it. Suddenly Spirit whispered in my ear “this is your lesson – messages come in waves.” I realized that the sound was coming in waves, just like messages come from Spirit. Instead of fighting the glitchy audio and getting frustrated, I chose to surrender and go with it. I pictured myself riding the waves of sound and invited the Spirit people to join me.  Details, messages and images came through by the dozens. Afterwards, I could tell how moved people were – they had ridden the waves right along with me!

One member of the audience wrote to me afterwards:

“Several of the readings were just remarkable.  There was a mom and sister who had lost their 22 year old daughter/sister recently and James nailed it. From wearing the sister’s pinky ring and necklace, to watching their fav movie “Bend it Like Beckham”, to standing at the chalk board in the kitchen and having the sister come thru in writings in the chalk board, it just went on and on.  It was so clear the 22 year old was right there with her family telling them that she was happier now and not to be happy. It was amazing.

There was a woman who’s husband came through and he knew that she had moved over to his side of the bed, that his roses were blooming even though we’re in a drought, that  he was there with her every night when she talked to him.

There was an attorney who was totally skeptical (I was standing at the box office when him & his wife bought their tickets) and his Alabama Daddy came through and talked about the new house he was buying and then three of their dogs came through and the attorney started crying.  It was an incredible moment.”

By being open to my Guides, I was able to see that the waves of sound were not really a malfunction at all! By riding them, instead of fighting them – going with the flow – I was able to form an AMAZING Spirit connection.

My tour is almost over – one more event in Miami, Florida at Unity on the Bay and I’m heading home. I’m not worried, about Mercury in retrograde, or any other planets that might create unexpected surprises. I’ll be looking for the lessons in whatever takes place, and trusting in Spirit!