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Awaken The Writer Within

Apr 6, 2019 | JVP's Blog

In February, the first session of my newest course, Awaken The Writer Within, came to a close. I spent most of February reviewing over 200 submissions from my very gifted students. At the start of the course, I promised that everyone would get personal feedback from me, and that three writers would be selected for some extra coaching. I never imagined how hard it would be to choose the three winners! Finally, with a little input from my staff, we were able to narrow it down to the final three.

I thought it would be fun to share a small excerpt from the winning manuscripts. I hope you’ll be seeing them on the shelves of your local bookstore, or be loading them on your Kindles in the upcoming months.

If YOU have a story, poem, or screenplay you’d like to share with the world, I hope you’ll join me for the next session of awaken the writer within. Registration is opening now, so check your inbox and social media for all the details.


Finding the Purpose in Pain
By Maureen Whitehouse

“I” was suspended. I found myself not only out of my body, but also out of my senses, experiencing what I can only describe as free-falling upwards, directly into the Heart of God. As my body lay motionless for the next few hours, my heart traversed typically inaccessible realms in a wordless, resting peace. The last thing I recall is being wrapped in what felt like a soft down comforter of Love while a Bright, White Quiet overcame me. The world stood in a stillness so deep that it defies all definition. However I can say what it felt like afterwards: as though an Almighty One took a match and set me on fire.

From that point on my world titled on its axis… It wasn’t long before people began finding me. It was almost as if, on cue, people realized that I could now see through pain.

Over the past two plus decades I have learned a great deal from a career passionately devoted to this interest of how pain is lived and responded to by real people. It has led me to document many miraculous cases as seen from a mystic perspective. My aim in this book is to use those real life stories to reveal the miraculous and divine purpose in pain, not only for people in pain, but for their families, loved ones and their practitioners.

The experience of pain has something fundamental to teach each of us about not only the human condition with its universal suffering and death, but most importantly about our divine nature, I feel this book is a necessity and of great practical value for those who’ve felt they must live with, make sense of, and care for those in pain… in other words, for anyone who is ready to experience a miracle now.


By Cheryl Grant-Cote

“The story of illusion in a world that has forgotten magic. Some remnants of magic remain forever…is everything as it seems?”

The sound of the kitchen door clicking closed in the next room, unexpected, in the middle of a quiet, sleepy afternoon set off an alarm in Sophie’s body.

Who is here? 

“He’s here,” invisible words hissed into her left ear sent a chill up her spine. Sophie froze, carefully sliding her gaze to the left to see who was next to her.

No one.

“She doesn’t know”, came a different voice, brushing past her right ear, making her cringe and look to her right.

No one. Just the plant.

More sounds, whispers coming from behind the chair, then the television. The scuffling of invisible small feet leading to the window. The shotgun sound of the window slamming shut.

Sophie couldn’t shake the sudden feeling of invisible eyes all over the room, turning to stare in her direction. She jumped as the cuckoo clock clanged and raised its ruckus even though it was 10 minutes past the hour. The hair raised on the back of her neck as she was inexplicably filled with the dread of the unknown. Are the pictures staring at her too?!?

“Grandma!” she shrieked.

The only response she could hear was the sound of Grandma humming away in the kitchen, making soup and baking cookies.

The skies darkened, the whispers multiplied and grew closer. Cold invisible hands reached out for her, brushing aside curtains when there was no breeze to move them. Sophie’s world began to spiral deeper and deeper as the panic rose in her throat.

Then there was darkness.


Perfectly Imperfect Path, Awakening to your Divine Gifts
By Debra Larson

What is my purpose?  You already have this answer!

Behind each experience, each connection, there is a deeper meaning, story or learning, no matter how brief the encounter. From the process of self-discovery during these experiences, an unfolding occurs to your natural gifts.

The Universe is always activating the power of your gifts, it’s up to you to awaken to them, to be aware, and to do something with this awareness.

When you begin to allow source energy to flow thru you, when you begin to express your highest vibration, tuning into your own intuition, you not only begin to awaken to your unique gifts but experience more peace, joy, happiness and natural energy.

From this place is where you create the biggest impact by serving others, helping them evolve through your life experiences.

There are four major steps:
1.) Role
2.) Transcendence
3.) Transformation
4.) Soul Expansion and Service.

Once you expand on each of these areas, it will begin to enlighten you to the gifts that reside within, which will naturally share with you a process that you can use to serve others.

Once you have awareness, a natural transformation begins. There really is no stopping you! The energy that begins to surge from within, is a powerful experience!

By using your intuition and trusting the process of each step partnering with pure guidance from source, allows for forward momentum. By using this process in its entirety, awakening to your divine gifts, stepping fully into your purposeful path and serving others becomes a non-negotiable.

I hope you’ll join me on expanding your own transformational journey. Let the magic begin!

Create Abundance from the Inside Out.