Born Between Two Star Signs

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Born Between Two Star Signs

Aug 19, 2016 | JVP's Blog

I’m taking a few days off to celebrate my birthday with friends. Today we’ve been relaxing in the backyard having a fascinating conversation about how the stars influence our personalities. I just had to share some of what we talked about with you! If you’re familiar with your astrological chart, then you know that understanding it goes way beyond knowing your sun sign. For example, I was born on August 23rd, which puts me right on the cusp between Leo and Virgo.

Exactly what does it mean to be born on the cusp?

If you were born during the time (a period of about five days each month) when the sun transitioned from one astrological sign to the next, you’re considered to be “on the cusp.” This has special meaning from an astrological perspective. If your Sun sign never seemed to totally “fit”, one reason might be that your birthday falls on the cusp. If you’re born between two signs you will have elements of both in your personality.

Leo + Virgo = James

In my case, Leo and Virgo are two very different signs, but I can clearly see the influence of both on my personality, life and teachings – after all, no one familiar with my work would be surprised to learn that detail oriented Virgo is the “service sign,” while magnetic Leo is the “heart sign.” That’s a perfect fit – considering that my primary mission here on earth is to serve others by sharing unconditional love from the Spirit world!

And of course Leos are comfortable in the spotlight – not only do they enjoy being on stage, but they’re natural teachers. I’m actually a shy person, but I have a passion for both entertaining and teaching on stage, and that’s exactly when the Leo side of my personality shines.

On the other hand, I lean on my Virgo qualities when I create courses for the James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts. Meticulous Virgo steps to the forefront, and every detail has to be perfect! That’s why my 8 Week Online Psychic and Medium Certification courses contain over 50 videos each. I simply couldn’t rest until every bit of information that I felt my students needed to know was included. Spirit is always guiding me as I work, but my Virgo work ethic provides that extra “turbo boost!”

Your rising sign – another piece of the astrological puzzle.

Another key to your astrological profile is your rising sign. Your “ascendent,” as it is often called, is the sign that was rising over the Eastern horizon at your time of birth. In general terms, it represents your outer self, the one that you reveal to others. In my case the influence of Capricorn rising adds more integrity, control and industriousness to my profile, and contributes to how others see me.

Understanding your astrological chart is a good way to get to know yourself – it reveals your life path, what motivates you, the people and things you’re attracted to and how others perceive you. And, of course, truly knowing yourself is an important step on your Soul journey!

I’ll be talking about my astrological chart this week on Hay House Radio, join me and I’ll shed a little light on your own astrological profile!