Change Your Life – Make a Soul-Resolution!

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Change Your Life – Make a Soul-Resolution!

Aug 18, 2017 | JVP's Blog

When you think about building good habits or setting goals, does your mind instantly jump to losing weight, getting a promotion, budgeting for a new car, or clearing clutter out of your garage?  Those are all positive changes, but they deal in the physical world – what I call the world of illusion – where what matters are things like time, ego, and how you are perceived by others. It’s possible to get so caught up in improving our lives in these ways that we miss making changes at a much deeper level.

This story will illustrate that even a tiny bird can become consumed by “wordly matters.” A while ago, I put a beautiful, modern hummingbird feeder in my garden. I was disappointed when at first, no birds showed up to sip the nectar, and I decided to add another, more traditional feeder to see if that would make a difference. It sure did! Brian and I spent hours delightedly watching dozens of tiny jewel-like birds buzzing around the feeder, (a few even checked out the fancy one that had been previously ignored) until after a couple of days, one bird became territorial! He stationed himself in a position where he could watch both feeders, and chased away any hummingbird that came near. He was at his post all day, and we noticed that he rarely even took a drink – I think he was afraid if he did, a bird would take advantage and drink from the other feeder. As the days went on, fewer hummingbirds came by, but the “boss” stayed vigilant. It didn’t look like he was having any fun at all, and the saddest thing was that there was nothing to protect – there was plenty for everyone. With Brian looking out for the birds, there would always be an infinite supply of nectar in our garden.

Like our hummingbird feeders, the universe has an endless supply of everything we need – but you can unknowingly block that abundance with a fear mentality, or by focusing on the wrong things.

Here are some small changes that will make a difference at the deepest level. Try one for at least two weeks, the time it takes to build a new habit:

  • Be still – Quiet the voices in your head, and connect to the oneness. By practicing meditation for just a few minutes each day, you’ll find that you are less stressed, more balanced, and able to handle life’s challenges with grace.
  • Connect to Spirit – When you slow down and become aware and mindful of the world around you, you’ll discover that the universe is sending you signs and support to help you on your journey. If you’re having a hard time seeing them, my Signs from the Universe course will guide you over 21 days of “sign searching!”
  • Be a beacon of love and kindness – When you send out love to the world, you become a magnet, attracting love and light. Make a resolution to perform a kind and loving deed every day for a month and see how it transforms your own life.
  • Practice self-care– Be kind to yourself. Treat yourself as well as you would a friend or pet that you care about. Make it a habit to keep a journal where you list positive affirmations, words of encouragement and things you like about yourself. This is about acceptance, so for this period of time, no negative self-talk allowed!

We all have to exist on this earth, but the next time you decide to focus on changing your life for the better, I challenge you to look within! Set a goal to implement small, incremental changes over a period of time that will matter at a SOUL LEVEL.

When you can increase your AWARENESS of the universe, and the infinite wisdom that is within your soul, that’s when the magic happens!