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Signs from The Stars

Aug 11, 2017 | JVP's Blog

Signs have been on my mind this month. My latest course, Signs from the Universe , is about opening yourself up to hints and nudges from Spirit that guide you in navigating the twists and turns of life. Most of our discussions have involved personal signs – specifically aimed at you – but I can’t ignore the fact that this month the heavens are sending us all a series of signs involving 5 planets in retrograde and 2 eclipses! What does this chaos in the sky mean, and how can you enjoy the ride and make the most of what the Universe is trying to tell you? One of my best friends, Kellee White – Spiritual Medium and counselor – has been sharing her insights about what this celestial activity really means. I’ve been fascinated by her take on it – so I asked her to put her thoughts together and share them with you.  Here you go! 


A Heaven Sent Cue for Mindfulness, Gratitude and Transformation

Kellee White

August is one spectacular month packed with many astrological events- ultimately bringing us all on a wild journey designed for course correction! These events—although appearing very chaotic—will bring us to a place of deepening our soul connection and discovering or rediscovering our life’s purpose. It will bring out our authentic self. Many of us on this human journey will experience change of some kind as a result of these powerful influences.

The first eclipse of this month occurred on August 7. This particular lunar eclipse is about relationships of all kinds—personal, romantic, business. All will be highlighted and need to be tended to. Expect lots of emotion!! Relationships will end and begin; I suspect many babies will be born next summer!

August 12, Mercury will go retrograde until September 5. From August 12-25 we also have Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in retrograde. This combination of retrograde energy is definitely going to slow things down, so PATIENCE is CRITICAL over the coming weeks. Communication is the key. Try and honor other people’s feelings. Meetings won’t start on time, travel will be hectic, computers and phones will break. This is a good time to go back and finish the book you are writing or take a class you’ve wanted to do.

Finally we arrive at the August 21st Solar Eclipse. A solar eclipse is created when the moon travels in front of the sun, resulting in a period where it is fully blocking the sun’s light. The upcoming eclipse is the FIRST SOLAR ECLIPSE in roughly 40 YEARS, occurring directly over North America from one end to another, resulting in a 70-mile wide ribbon from coast to coast where a total eclipse will be visible. A partial eclipse may be seen from anywhere in North America.

The August 21st Solar Eclipse will start in Oregon (10:20 am PST) and culminate in South Carolina at (2:40 pm EDT). These eclipses will affect people in the United States more so than other places since this is where the energy will be.

This Solar Eclipse falls in the sign of Leo and will be inspiring you to transform so you can begin a new chapter that is more aligned with your soul. This is an awakening process so emotions will run high! The energy will be felt from 3 to 6 months from now.

Many people will be feeling overwhelmed during this time. Especially if you are energy sensitive! Drink plenty of water, great time to meditate and MOST IMPORTANTLY—PLANT THE SEEDS FOR THE CHANGE YOU WANT IN YOUR LIFE!! Don’t be afraid! Now is the time for FAITH!

Put your seatbelt on –literally and figuratively! This will be one wild ride through the energy of August! An attitude of gratitude is most important during these times. And remember, we all wanted to be here during these most amazing times in the Universe!