Chipping Away What Doesn’t Belong

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Chipping Away What Doesn’t Belong

Oct 3, 2020 | JVP's Blog

“The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. It is already there, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.”
― Michelangelo

How do you describe yourself? I’ll bet you won’t be able to do it in one word. I know I can’t. I’m a medium, and I’m also a teacher, a healer, a writer, a friend, an animal lover, a gardener…I could go on and on. I guess that shouldn’t come as a surprise. For decades, I’ve been tuned into the fact that we are all limitless, divine beings – capable of many wonderful things.

Is there something you’ve been longing to do? If you can dream it, and are committed to achieving it, you can do it.

The secret to accomplishing something new is simply to:

  • Believe in yourself.
  • Trust that the universe and your guides are there to help.
  • Just get started!

The most important message of all.

When I was in my twenties and just beginning to practice mediumship, I couldn’t imagine anything better than connecting people with loved ones on the other side. It was so gratifying to help them heal – but as time passed, I realized I had a bigger job to do. Spirit had revealed information I had to pass on– the fact that death is an illusion, and the only thing that is real and enduring is love.

I knew I had to write a book that would help people understand the message Spirit had trusted me with. At first the idea seemed daunting, like a huge mountain I had to climb. But then I realized the truth was bigger than I was, and it had to be told. I asked Spirit for guidance and suddenly realized that in an unlimited universe my book already existed. All I had to do was set it free.

I’ve written more books, blogs, and articles than I can count, but I’ll never forget sitting down to write my first book, Talking to Heaven. As soon as I put pen to paper, the words just flowed. Even after the book was published, it felt as if everything happened with flawless synchronicity that even included appearing as a guest on the Larry King Show – and the rest is history!


Be the Sculptor of your Own Masterpiece.

Later I read something that Michelangelo wrote, and I believe it applies to writing, and to every creative endeavor. He said the sculptor’s task is to carve and polish away everything that isn’t a part of their vision so they can reveal the masterpiece within the stone.

If you have a story inside of you, I challenge you to be the sculptor of your own manuscript. As you write and edit, visualize the message you are trying to share, and remove everything that doesn’t belong. Specifically, I’d recommend “chipping away” anything that doesn’t engage the reader, like long monologues and personal thoughts or musings that don’t bring value to your audience. Instead, polish up detailed stories, insights and vivid examples that draw your reader in and make them want to keep reading.

Sound like magic? It is! Don’t think writing as work – think of it as releasing your beautiful message to your reader. And if you join me for the upcoming session of <Awaken the Writer Within> you’ll not only have me to guide you, but you’ll also be part of a group of like-minded individuals, all with a message or a story to share. I hope to see you there!