Connecting to the People You Remember

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Connecting to the People You Remember

Sep 29, 2020 | JVP's Blog

All these places have their moments, of lovers and friends I still can recall,
Some are dead, and some are living. In my life I loved them all.

–  The Beatles


When I think back over the people I’ve known, so many special relationships come to mind. Friends, family, teachers, students, co-workers – the list is long! Some have been in my life for decades, while others were with me for just a short time.

It’s like I always say, “People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.”

When times get difficult, (like they are right now) and you’re not sure what’s going to be around the next corner (or on the evening news) you need the presence of family and good friends.

At the same time, you also might find yourself craving the support of someone who is no longer in the physical world – someone close to you who has passed.

The good news is that although you might not feel their presence, your loved ones are right there with you. The spirit people are very tuned into your energy, so when things are challenging, emotional and scary they draw closer, watching over you and sending you love.

When you need proof that loved ones are still with you.
Sometimes it’s hard to draw comfort from just knowing loved ones are around when you can’t see or feel them. That’s one of the best things about hosting mediumship demonstrations. By bringing through messages from the other side, I can prove to a whole room full of people that the dead are still very much with us – and that knowledge is life-changing.

Covid-19 has made live events off-limits and I miss them – but I can offer the same comfort and assurance online!

Hosting a Mediumship Demonstration online.
When I hosted my first Evening of Spirit Online Event, I wasn’t exactly sure how it would go. But as soon as  the audience started to tune in and their webcams turned on, I didn’t just see their faces, but I also saw their loved ones in spirit standing with them on camera. After that, the event was just as moving and powerful as any live demonstration. I felt the divine energy, and so did everyone who tuned it!

Still, some people find it hard to imagine exactly what an online group reading would be like.

What can you expect when you attend an Evening of Spirit Online?

  • No need to fight traffic or worry about crowds.
  • You can wear your comfortable clothes, and you’ll always have a front row seat.
  • You will still benefit from the powerful healing energy that you would experience at a live event.
  • You will feel a connection with me – the medium – and with your loved one in the spirit realm.
  • There might be even more readings than normal, because the whole process is streamlined.
  • Most important, as a medium, I can provide the same quality reading, with as much detail as I would if we were together in person.

I have been thrilled with the way my online events have allowed me to connect so many people with their loved ones in Heaven – especially at a time when we all need connection and comfort  more than ever.

Even when we’re socially distant we’re still connected energetically – and  emotionally. During any Evening of Spirit Mediumship Demonstration  – live or online – people experience such a feeling of love and comfort through connecting with spirit and the afterlife together and learning about the other side.

Don’t take my word for it. See for yourself! There are more group readings scheduled! You can sign up for one here.

I hope to see your face, and the faces of your loved ones in heaven, on my computer screen soon!