Dreams – The Door to Your Subconscious

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Dreams – The Door to Your Subconscious

Feb 22, 2019 | JVP's Blog

During the day, there are so many things competing for your attention that the quiet voice of intuition can easily be drowned out. But as the day comes to a close and you shut down your racing thoughts and drift off to sleep, the door to your subconscious opens, revealing insights through your dreams.

Dreams are fascinating to discuss and explore, because they not only offer a clear glimpse into your psyche – illuminating feelings that you might not consciously be aware of – but they have mediumistic and precognitive properties as well.

I’ve been reading Dream Power: How to Use Your Night Dreams to Change Your Life by my friend, Cynthia Richmond. I’m loving the way Cynthia dives deep into every aspect of dreams, explaining how they impact our waking lives.

Cynthia Richmond shares how dreams often take a current situation and greatly dramatize it to get your attention. It’s like a subconscious “wake up call” providing intuitive guidance to help you navigate through any situation life has to offer.

Cynthia writes, “Dreams bestow wonderful benefits such as stress management, whether we remember them or not. But learning to remember them can help us know ourselves better. Everyone can learn to remember more of their dreams; interpreting their meanings can give us the pulse of our inner health— mental emotional and spiritual. Dreams can even offer advice and warnings about our physical health since our unconscious mind seems to know the status of every cell in our body. Modern sleep and dream research has established beyond a doubt that people need to dream and the dream process is essential to life and health.”

When I am working with a student who can’t seem to connect psychically, I always recommend that they meditate, and just as important, pay attention to their dreams. Both provide a strong link to their intuition – their soul’s voice. One trick I recommend to help remember your dreams is to catch them before they dissolve in the waking light. Before you fall asleep, set your intention to remember your dreams, then keep a dream journal to jot down details when you wake up.

Besides giving clarity to events in the here and now, dreams can help you see things that will happen in the future. Many dream experts believe that about 12% of dreams are pre-cognitive – which in simple language means that dreams really can, and do, come true.

As a medium, one of the most important things about the dream state is that it allows your loved ones a portal through which to visit you from the other side. People often share experiences where Spirit slips into their dreams to offer comfort, advice – and even clears up unfinished business. They always ask the same question, “Was that really my loved one, or just wishful thinking?” I assure them that this is the clearest path that your dearly departed has to connect with you, and they often take this opportunity to show up!

I’m excited to introduce you to Cynthia Richmond this Tuesday, February 16th on Hay House Radio! Be sure to tune in, we’ll open the phone lines so you can call in and share your dream questions with us.

Cynthia Richmond is a Board Certified Behavioral Therapist and the author of Dream Power, How to Use Your Night Dreams to Change Your Life, published by Simon & Schuster. For more than 20 years Cynthia has helped celebrities and others work with the beautiful gift that our nightly dreams can be for us all. She has been a guest on nearly every talk show on television including: Oprah, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, The Doctors, The View and many, many more. She has been interviewed on radio shows across the country including Dr. Maya Angelou, Gayle King, Diane Rhems on NPR and George Noory on Coast to Coast.