Elevate Your Spirit Connection

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Elevate Your Spirit Connection

Mar 31, 2017 | JVP's Blog

Elevate Your Spirit Connection

You are a divine eternal being, existing for this moment in human form, with the power and wisdom of the universe at your fingertips. This can be difficult to wrap your head around, especially when you’re caught up in the consuming minutia of day-to -day life. Naturally, you have to take care of earthly responsibilities like work, home and family – but at the same time, when you REMAIN CONNECTED TO YOUR HIGHEST SELF, that’s when the real magic begins!

I love the analogy that your existence is like a long, long, string of pearls. Each pearl is a lifetime, and the chord that they are strung on is memory. The memory endures through each lifetime, and when you tap into it, you will elevate your spirit connection and be your own best medium!

These visualization exercises will help you tap into your soul-being.

Go back to a simpler time:

We are all born with a connection to spirit and a natural intuition that allows us to survive those vulnerable first years of life. That connection never goes away, but like faulty plumbing, it can become blocked by fear, old traumas, and unexplored emotions. To get unblocked, think back to a childhood time when you were happy and totally at one with the universe. Remember how it felt to dig your bare feet in warm sand at the beach, or to discover a bird’s nest. When you meditate, hold onto the vibration of your joy-full young self. The more you can exist in that place, the more connected you will feel!

Picture the Connection -the Yin and Yang of Body and Soul.

The secret to maintaining your spirit connection is simple if you can embrace the idea of existing on two levels at once.

Imagine a two level house. The upstairs has large windows with sweeping views of green hills and the ocean sparkling in the distance. Downstairs is the kitchen, office and family room, where meals are cooked and consumed, bills are paid, and time is spent with family and friends. The two parts of the house exist at once, connected by a staircase or elevator, and you can move freely between them.

You enjoy your time spent downstairs, and also find time to slip away upstairs to meditate, gaze out the window and write in your journal.

When you are upstairs, you tap into your own inner knowing that allows you to solve problems and make decisions effortlessly and intuitively.

When downstairs, you carry with you a perspective that what exists below is not “all there is.” This insight colors how you interact with people and helps you to learn the lessons you were sent here to learn.

Share your gifts with the world.  

As you strengthen your connection with Spirit, you will enjoy the wisdom and intuition that came so naturally when you were a child, and be able to live at that vibration – while still taking care of adult business at the physical level.  Hold onto the knowledge that you are a Soul Having a Human Experience on Earth, and use tools like meditation, journaling and connecting with nature when you feel out of balance.

For a little extra support, check out the James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts. Here, I offer everything you need to form a profound connection to Spirit – from simple guided meditations to advanced mentoring programs that will allow you to share your gifts with the world.  Join me and uncover your full potential!