Spring Cleaning for the Soul

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Spring Cleaning for the Soul

Mar 24, 2017 | JVP's Blog

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

Maya Angelou

After a long rainy Southern California winter, spring has arrived, bringing with it sunshine, flowers, and for me – the urge to clean my house, weed my garden and open some windows and let the fresh air in!

In a season that’s synonymous with rebirth and renewal, it’s the perfect time to consider what you can do to experience your own rebirth – a spring-cleaning for your mind, body and spirit!

Use this exercise to create a road map for your personal transformation.


Part 1 – Spring Cleaning Visualization:

Start by tapping into your deepest self.  Sit in the stillness. If the weather allows, find a comfortable spot outside and let the spring breeze work its magic.

Imagine yourself opening the windows in your mind wide! Breathe slowly and deeply.

As you breath out, imagine everything that doesn’t serve you going out the window. Visualize old resentments, insecurities and regrets blowing away. Grab an imaginary broom and sweep worries about how other people perceive you and negative self-talk out the door. Open the cabinets and closets of your mind, and clear out the repressed trauma and pain that you’ve been holding on to.  Bag it up and put it out with the trash!

Now breathe in to your clean new space and let fresh energy in. Picture beautiful golden light that represents your very best self, flooding the room. Open the windows and doors to your unlimited potential. Ask yourself “What am I letting in?

Continue to breath out, getting rid of the old, and breathe in, letting in the new.  Be aware of what you are seeing in your mind and the feelings associated with what you are releasing and letting in.

When you are done with your visualization exercise, grab a notebook, it’s time for Part 2.


Part 2 – Create your Transformation Blueprint.

Divide your page into three columns. You are going to use the insights you gathered in part one to create your own blueprint for transformation.

Label your three columns as follows –  Release, Embrace, Change

Under the RELEASE column write down what you want to let go of. Let your inner voice guide you as you remember what it was that you swept out the door or bagged up in Part 1 of this exercise. Include everything that’s holding you back and getting in your way. Remember that in ANY spring-cleaning, it’s empowering to get rid of the old to clear the space. When in doubt, throw it out!

Now move to the EMBRACE column. What was streaming in through the windows during your visualization?  Include feelings, thoughts, ambitions, things you’ve dreamed of but have been afraid to try.  Write down the things you want more of in your life.  Don’t edit your list – put it all down.

The CHANGE column is for those things that you want to hold onto, but perhaps tackle from a new angle. For example, you like your job, but long for more free time to pursue your spiritual quest. Consider how you might make changes to your work schedule to facilitate this goal.  Maybe your relationship is generally satisfying, but would be even better with a few tweaks or more communication. Don’t settle! If you can imagine a better experience, you can make it happen.

Review your blueprint often – especially the EMBRACE column. Remember that you are a divine being with limitless potential. What you visualize and focus on is what you attract.

In fact, anything and everything you want is part of your soul’s destiny.

If you’d like more guidance on your personal transformation, let me help!  Let’s journey together to the extraordinary life you desire. Join me for 28 Days to Total Transformation, where we’ll delve into the depths of your soul, where all lasting transformation happens, and uncover your limitless potential.