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Embrace Every Moment

Sep 21, 2018 | JVP's Blog

Dorothy Janowicz has studied mediumship at the JVP School of mystical arts and is a valued and talented member of my very first group of Mediumship Level 3 Students. You can book a reading with Dorothy or find out where she will appear next by checking her website at DorothytheMedium.com. I’m excited to share her guest blog with you!

Guest Blog by Dorothy Janowicz

Many of us on a regular basis meditate, pray sit in the power and practice doing readings for others.
All this raises our vibrations, but today, I encourage you to step even deeper into your mediumship and live your life in the moment, so your journey becomes more meaningful, and that wonderful feeling lasts a lot longer. What I actually mean is that you embrace every moment of your life, even those not so pleasant ones. One of the wise men said: “We all go into the dungeon sometimes, but we don’t have to spend eternity in there.”

As you get up in the morning, thank God/Universe for at least 5 things that are present in your life. Thanking for every breath that you are given can be one of these things that you can check off on your list. We often don’t realize it and take that for granted. It has been proven that your day will be more positive, fulfilled and meaningful and you will set off to start your day full of responsibilities, to do lists and perhaps new or old connections with people in a very uplifted way. James Van Praagh mentioned in one of his lectures that when you take a shower, imagine white/golden light coming from haven and filling your body with love and what serves your highest good. It’s called running your energy. He also encourages us to imagine negative thoughts and all stagnant energy that doesn’t serve our highest good, washing off of us and going down to the drain. Saying, “God lead me where you need me,” will help you to trust and surrender to God. Daily, I set out intention to heaven and imagine God filing me with love, light, truth, guidance, and I also ask for protection.

Another idea that comes to my mind, that I would strongly encourage you to do after your daily meditation, is to take a stroll outside, even if it’s just for a few minutes, and continue to embrace nature and its surroundings. The energy of living things is so powerful and giving, as well as charging and recharging you and gives you the fuel for the busy day that awaits you. One can easily feel peace, calmness, harmony, tranquility, and fulfillment by noticing and paying attention to the abundance of beautiful plants, flowers, trees and even shrubs and bushes, grasses, if you are not allergic :), as well as the beautiful and colorful animal kingdom that surrounds us. If you only pay attention as you walk outside, you’ll get signs on a regular basis from the spirit world and quickly realize that nature is so perfect and beautiful and so we are, too, but our negative thoughts or even thoughts of the day get us down or away from the present moment and seeing what is important.

By nurturing yourself, you start paying attention and seeing, feeling, sensing what is surrounding you and you’ll quickly realize that such experiences start transforming your life. Perhaps as you see number sequences or different coincidences that happen to you, you feel connected and awaken to the spirit world. You feel charged, and that energy helps you and inspires you to move mountains and transform people’s lives. And this is where a feeling of abundance comes from. It is all around us, but many of us don’t see it.

Throughout the day, you encounter people and situations where your spirit will be tested. Try to observe your situation as it escalates and don’t react so quickly. Davidji has said to apply SODA.
STOP, when you are being challenged by unwanted reaction that is heating up inside of you.
OBSERVE, take a step back and observe that situation. It gives you a few moments to take a deep breath and assess it.
DETACH from the situation and think what would your highest self-do in such circumstances.
AWAKEN, take action and do what your highest self would do in such situation.

In the late afternoon or early evening, you can step outside again to recharge in nature or even lay down in bed or outside on the beach chair or anywhere you feel it would be relaxing, so you can reflect. You can focus your energy on feeling your soul as you lay down with your eyes closed. It would be wonderful if you can be around the sound of water, such as a waterfall, or even if it’s a little fountain in your yard. Going by the ocean or anywhere where a big amount of water is, helps you decompress from the daily events that you have felt and observed, so you could unwind and sit in quiet either observing or closing your eyes and listening. The repetitive sound of waterfall or water waves is so healing and nurturing to one’s soul. Also, if you can meditate, that would be amazing, but other ways such as listening to the music that uplifts your soul or mindfully eating your dinner, where you engage your senses is wonderful as well as small acts of kindness.

Earth angels! There are many more ways to be mindful that raise your vibrations. Love yourself and others. Remember that all of your imperfections make you unique. If we were all the same and didn’t have any struggles, life would become boring, and we would not embrace it us much. It’s those lessons and challenges, unique connections with others that make your life special and full of abundance surrounding you that we should be thankful for. Staying in the moment and embracing it leads to fulfillment, so nurture yourself gentle souls and chose to stay on high vibrations.