What’s Your Big Idea?

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What’s Your Big Idea?

Sep 28, 2018 | JVP's Blog

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” – Benjamin Franklin

I absolutely believe that every person has a book in them, and it just takes a little guidance and confidence to put an experience or perspective into words that can change lives.

Take a minute to look back upon the books, articles or lectures that made a difference to you. I’ll bet you can remember quite a few! Now it’s your turn. Is there a story, a viewpoint or a teaching that you feel called upon to share with the world?

Your words are a conduit.
You might not even think of yourself as a writer. That doesn’t matter. Don’t get caught up in fear and self-doubt, and instead, think of your writing as a conduit for expressing your gifts and expertise. Trust me, doing that makes the whole process a lot less intimidating! I know that when I graduated college, I dreamed of being a screenwriter for television sitcoms because I had a natural talent for comedy. My dream wasn’t about writing, but about sharing light and humor, but there’s no doubt in my mind that if I had gone further as a screenwriter I would have written scripts, articles, and books, that would have made people laugh.

Sharing messages from Heaven.
While I came to California to become a screenwriter, the universe had other plans for me, and my whole focus shifted when I tapped into my mediumistic gifts back in my 20s. Suddenly I was engulfed with a desire, a need, to share what I discovered with the world. I knew that I had to prove to others what I knew for sure – that life and love is enduring, and that our loved ones never really die. I was so passionate about sharing that message that my first book, Talking to Heaven, practically wrote itself.

Looking back, I think it was a combination of divine inspiration from my spirit guides and my own passion for my message that allowed Talking to Heaven and the dozen books that came after it, to flow so effortlessly from my mind, to my heart, to my fingertips and out onto the page.

Naturally, there were days when I felt tired and the ideas came slower, but that was just a signal that I needed a little self-care. After a session of meditation, a walk in the park, or a nice sandwich and a cup of coffee, I’d always find myself back at my keyboard, ready to get back to writing.

When my books were published, the feedback that I received from my readers motivated me to keep going. People who had been grieving the loss of a loved one experienced profound healing from my message, and that inspired me to keep writing. I wanted to be sure that each new book built upon the messages in the previous books, and allowed me to share a new aspect of the Spiritual world.

This visualization helped me to come up with several new ideas for books when I wasn’t sure what direction to take.

Visualizing your big idea.
Sometimes you might have a million ideas in your head and not be sure which seed to nurture. Or you might not have a single clear concept that you are ready to write about. Instead of focusing on what you are writing, it helps to visualize the person who will read your words.

Sit quietly and ask your guides to help direct you to the next idea that you will write about.

Imagine yourself putting together a beautiful gift. Picture a beautifully wrapped box. You give the box to someone, and when they unwrap it, your words flow out of the box. Let your intuition fill in the blanks and imagine the story the words are telling. You might see images or symbols along with the words. Let the message unfold in your mind. Now imagine your words transforming the person who reads them. How do your words make them feel? Which words resonate most strongly with them?

Write down ten ways that the topic you are writing about could transform someone’s life. Start with the transformation, and you will find that the idea for your next writing piece starts to come together.

Pick up a pen, computer or tablet and write!
Whatever you want to share with the world, a book, blog or article is a great way to put your idea in front of other people. And with technology, there are so many ways to get your message out to other people. All that matters figure out what you have a passion for, and communicate it in a way that others can relate to. If you’re inspired to write and need a little help getting started, I’ll be sharing videos in the next few weeks that I know you’ll enjoy. Stay tuned for more details!