Writing From Your Soul

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Writing From Your Soul

Oct 5, 2018 | JVP's Blog

Do you have a story to share with the world? You have everything you need to get started, but having a great story or a unique point of view is just the first step of your journey as an author.

I’d like to share my unique process to help you fulfill your goal of being a writer, blogger or teacher. You might be surprised to see that this process uses every single part of you –  your analytical left brain, your creative right brain – plus your insight, intuition, passion, and soul wisdom!

Building your foundation.

Are you burning to share your message with the world, but having trouble getting started? If you’re feeling stuck or stalled, try breathing life into your writing project with a little CPR –  Confidence, Purpose & Routine.

Confidence comes from realizing that you are worthy of being heard. Break the habit of criticizing yourself, your ideas and your writing. Imagine if a beloved friend came to you with something she had written. How would you respond? What kind of feedback would you give her? Give yourself the same loving encouragement and positive affirmation that you would give your best friend.

You might even try writing some affirmations down and putting them in your work space.

Here are some that might resonate with you:

“I grow as a writer every day”

“My creativity is limitless”

“My story has value to myself and others”

“My words flow easily and beautifully”

“I can find inspiration any time I need it”

Purpose is the reason you are sharing your story. Remind yourself why you are on this journey! I picture it like a handshake – you are reaching out with your message, and the person reading your words is receiving the message – and both parties benefit by the connection. When you need inspiration, just think of how your readers will be enlightened and healed by your story.

Getting in the habit of writing – having a routine that works for you – is key! Life’s full of interruptions, and no matter how passionate you are about your writing, the words won’t get from your head, through your hand, and onto the page unless you set aside time to write regularly. Plan on writing when you are rested and at your best, then find a place to write that works for you. Everyone is different! You might find that inspiration flows when you’re in a coffee shop, at your desk, in your backyard, or even in the library.

Then enter the time and place into your calendar and make that appointment to write a priority!

Once you put the practical framework in place, it’s time to let your guides and your soul take over. This mind journey will help you to channel the wisdom of your soul to find inspiration in the beautiful twists and turns that your story can take!

Ride the Roller Coaster of Inspiration.

Imagine you are walking through a clean, beautiful amusement park. Soak in the sights, sounds and smells of lights, children laughing, cotton candy. You look up, and rising before you is a beautiful golden roller coaster, emblazoned with the word “Inspiration”. You immediately notice that the people getting off the roller coaster look different – they are illuminated in a golden light. You walk to the head of the line and choose a seat. Strapping yourself in securely, you feel very safe and protected. The roller coaster starts to climb, slowly and smoothly.

As you ascend, you become aware of the words that you will be writing. You think of the effect your story will have on other people. You keep climbing, and your perspective shifts from the words you are writing to the reaction of the people who will receive your words.

As your car drops, you realize that your guides are there – providing you with new insights. The coaster twists and turns, and you realize that your message is changing too. You are high in the air with a fabulous birds-eye view. Your perspective is suddenly different, as things become crystal clear! You see the reason behind your writing, and how your message will transform and enlighten your reader. Changes and shifts in your story reveal yourself, and you make mental notes of how they will fit into your writing. What can you learn from this new perspective?

As you get off the coaster you are energized and inspired. You can’t wait to update your manuscript with the new changes. You can look at your work with fresh eyes! Ask yourself – How is your mind illuminated? What has changed? What unexpected surprises have presented themselves, and what effect will they have on your message.

What does the page have to tell you?

When you sit down to write and edit, rather than focusing on putting your words on the page, listen to what the page has to tell you. Open yourself up to messages from your guides, and your own soul wisdom.

I hope I’ve inspired you to tap into your soul and the wisdom of your guides, so you can share your passion with the world! I promise you that the experience will be an adventure that will transform your life, your story, and the lives of your readers.

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