Enjoy the Ride!

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Enjoy the Ride!

Jan 30, 2018 | JVP's Blog

If you believe in living in the “now” and embracing a mindful lifestyle, does that imply you don’t spend time planning for the future?

I’m currently launching my new course Predict the Year Ahead with Your Soul Self and as I worked on the lessons, I spent a lot of time considering how planning and predicting relates to mindfulness. Though it might seem as if the two ideas are in conflict, it didn’t take long for me to realize that a roadmap is an essential tool for a mindful and soulful existence!

Think of it this way – deep in your soul, you have a yearning to fulfill your destiny, and having a roadmap allows you to fully experience the journey step by step. When you encounter an unexpected obstacle, you can take a mindful detour, trusting that the Universe has a plan for you and will lead you back to your path when the time is right.

Type in your destination and have a nice trip!

Having a plan allows you to “enjoy the ride” in the same way having a navigation system in your car takes the anxiety out of driving to an unfamiliar location.  Without that guidance, you might spend your trip wondering if you’re going in the right direction, fretting about missing a turn or encountering a detour. But with the help of your trusted navigation system you’re free to listen to music, enjoy the scenery or just open the window and let the breeze blow through your hair knowing that with each mile you travel, you’re getting closer to your destination. 

There’s always room for spontaneity.

In case you’re wondering, having a plan doesn’t take away your ability to make changes and be spontaneous. Just like destiny leaves room for free will, even the most well thought out and detailed plan has room for changes and “spiritual side-trips.” I encourage you to pay attention when your intuition guides you to deviate from your path for a while and explore something new. If you’re tuned into the wisdom of your soul, you’ll always be headed in the right direction.

A quick visualization to keep you on course.

When you feel that your predictions aren’t happening, and you’re not sure where you’re going, this visualization will help. And it only takes a few minutes!

Visualize the thing you want to manifest. Paint a vivid picture in your mind, and explore the feelings and energy associated with it. Now imagine yourself driving on a road toward that destination. Feel yourself getting closer and closer. Now imagine going through a tunnel where you can no longer see your goal. It’s dark in the tunnel, but you’re totally safe  – and you can see a pinpoint of light at the end. Send out an affirmation to the universe “ I can’t see  (my new job, relationship, new home) but I trust that it’s on the other side of the tunnel.”  Imagine yourself driving through the tunnel into the bright sunshine and seeing your goal, closer, brighter and more detailed than ever.

Whenever you doubt your progress – when you encounter setbacks or challenges – do this quick visualization and say to yourself  “What I want is there, on the other side of the tunnel.”

Planning, Predicting and Manifesting.

As a spiritual teacher and psychic medium, it’s important to me that my new course connects at the deepest soul level with my students. It’s not enough to write out resolutions, goals or a to-do list. In Predict the Year Ahead with Your Soul Self I’ll show you how to open yourself to receive predictions from Source, and give you powerful tools to make those predictions come to fruition. This will be a group effort involving your guides, your own soul-wisdom and me as your teacher and mentor.

Through exercises, video lessons, guided meditations and worksheets I’ll show you how to let the wisdom of the universe, and your own soul-self help you predict and manifest your best year ever.