Lessons in De-cluttering

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Lessons in De-cluttering

Jan 22, 2018 | JVP's Blog

As a spiritual teacher who happens to also be born on the cusp of Virgo, I’m a big believer in making the place where I spend my time clean, clear and clutter-free.  It’s not just about aesthetics or practicality – when you clear out those items that no longer serve you, it opens up your space and your energy for so many wonderful things!

If your home, garden, office, or car would benefit from a little purging, don’t put it off any longer. I challenge you to pick out a single area and arrange it so it holds only items that contribute to the function and beauty of the space.

Need a little inspiration before you get started? Let me share how a few minutes of clearing out made a big difference to a dear friend of mine.

Letting Go and Getting Grounded.

My friend and traveling companion Peggy is extremely gifted at helping people to organize their spaces. A few months ago, Peggy came with me to the Hay House studios to watch me host my radio show. On the way out, we stopped at the cubicle of one of my favorite marketing managers to say hi.

After chatting for a few minutes, I could tell Peggy was itching to get her hands on their desk space! “Do you mind if I move a few things around?” she asked politely. A half hour later, and a cubicle that had been cluttered with boxes, mementos and files was transformed in such a profound way that I could feel it with all six senses. My Hay House friend was delighted with the way the energy surrounding her suddenly felt lighter and happier.

In addition to clearing off desk space and making more room on the work surface, Peggy had removed boxes and files that had been stacked under the desk. “That cluttered floor space was blocking your energy flow, and preventing you from feeling grounded” she explained. “I also noticed that you had dozens of files on your shelves from an author who you no longer work with. It’s can be difficult to let go of relationships – but you can keep one meaningful item to remind you of that person – rather than holding onto everything.“

A few weeks later I was back at Hay House, and I stopped by my friends cubicle. It was still clean and clear, and she’d added a lovely plant to brighten things up even more. “I’m so much more productive now and my authors can feel the change too. I’m more positive and focused than ever!” A few simple changes had shifted the space from a shrine to the old, to a place where joy and creativity could flourish.

Make room for Spirit.

As a medium, I often spend time with people who have lost someone close to them. It’s common for those left behind to be hesitant about letting go of their loved ones possessions, but I urge them to select one or two meaningful keepsakes, and donate the rest to charity. Interestingly, clearing out those items allows the Spirit of the departed to come through more easily – and who wouldn’t be happy to trade old clothing and mementos for the feeling that the Spirit of their loved one is in the house?

January is the perfect time for new beginnings – and clearing and de-cluttering is a great place to start! I have so much more to share on this topic – so join me on Hay House radio this Tuesday, and check out my Soulful Mornings on Facebook Live – every weekday morning at 9:00 am pacific!