Enter the Room of Insights

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Enter the Room of Insights

Apr 5, 2016 | JVP's Blog

When the Spirit people make their presence known to me, it’s usually to deliver messages to loved ones here on earth – but not always!  Sometimes Spirit shares insights aimed at a larger audience, universal wisdom that we can all benefit from.

A few months ago I started receiving messages every night at exactly 5:00 pm. I had the honor as serving as a conduit as Spirit channeled messages of growth, transformation and enlightenment, which I used to create my new video course. With such a unique beginning, you won’t be surprised to learn that 28 Days to Total Transformation is not your typical “self help” program.

Before you start your transformation, it’s important to know what you truly want to change.  Not what your ego, your friends, or society expects of you, but what YOU desire deep in your soul.

To help you to pin down your soul desires so you can begin the process of manifesting, Spirit guided me to create a powerful exercise called The Room of Insights.  I shared it during my radio show last week, and on a couple of other occasions. The results have been amazing!

Explore your own Room of Insights now:

  • After a few moments of quiet breathing and meditation, use your imagination to imagine a beautiful room. Design the room, the colors, the furnishings, the windows, and the view. This room should feel comfortable, like an extension of your spirit.
  • Identify a special space in your room where you will go to absorb the insights of the soul.
  • Now imagine a chalkboard. Pick up a piece of chalk and write down the expectations that you place on yourself.
  • Stop and ask yourself  – are these expectations realistic?
  • Examine each one and feel where that expectation derived from – society, friends, your family, your spouse?
  • How does the expectation make you feel, what is your emotional reaction to each expectation. Does it make you feel happy, overwhelmed, conflicted?
  • As you’re looking at the chalkboard set the intention to discover what you truly want to accomplish – what feels right in the deepest depths of your soul.Does your intention match the expectations that you have written on your board?
  • Now think about the people in your life – those who you love, and who you are trying to please, and as you picture each face be aware of how you feel about that relationship.  How do those relationships influence the list on your board?

Absorb the insights that your soul is communicating to you. What people and accomplishments do you want to focus on? Jot down what you learn – these insights will be the building blocks of your transformation.

An example of the Room of Insight in action.

During yesterday’s Evening of Spirit in Morristown, New Jersey a young woman named Julia came up to me. She had been listening to my Hay House radio show earlier that week, and had participated in the exercise. She shared her experience:

Julia had imagined a beautiful room with windows overlooking green fields and mountains. The room was simple, with basic furniture and a large blackboard. In her mind, Julia started writing a list of accomplishments on the board. The list grew longer and longer, and Julia found herself feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

Then, as my voice guided her, she let her soul speak. In her minds eye she saw sunlight flooding through the windows of her room, and experienced a profound insight. She realized that she’d always felt pressure to achieve success, to please her ambitious and critical parents. She’d graduated from a prestigious university and was working her way up the corporate ladder but was not happy. Julia’s insight was simple. She mentally erased everything on her board and wrote down one line: “Take time to discover my true path.” Julia explained to me that she needed to pause and take time out to “just be.” She felt drawn to explore mountains like the ones she could see from the windows of her Room of Insights.  Julia had made an important shift – to examine her life to be sure she was pleasing herself, not other people.

Do try this at home!

Explore your own Room of Insights. The results will be different for everyone, but I promise that with Spirit (and me) as your guide, you will learn to tap into your own inner knowing, to create the life that you truly want to live. For a full soul transformation and to explore more channeled exercises from Spirit, check out 28 Days to Total Transformation!  Listen to the messages Spirit has for you, and start manifesting the life you were meant to lead.