Expand Your Consciousness to Tap into Unlimited Potential

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Expand Your Consciousness to Tap into Unlimited Potential

Apr 27, 2020 | JVP's Blog

Feeling trapped? Expand Your Consciousness!

It’s not about the body; you are consciousness. That’s what you are. Your consciousness is already out of your body. You don’t need to get out of your body; you just need to get into your consciousness. Thomas Campbell

Lots of people are getting “cabin fever” right now as we shelter in place to inhibit the spread of the corona virus. You can make yourself crazy thinking about all the things you’re missing. It’s especially difficult because no one can really predict, much less control, when the restrictions will be lifted and what happens next.

If you’re feeling trapped and confined right now, know this. Giving into fear and anxiety is limiting you far more than the physical walls of your home – but lucky for you, the key to absolute freedom lies in your mind.

Raising your consciousness.
Imagine your mind as an eggshell. You have the choice of concentrating your energy on the space inside – or  you can expand your awareness to the vast universe outside the shell.

Inside the shell is your ego, fears, self judgement, and limiting beliefs. When that’s your focus, your world is small, and your energy is consumed by holding onto what’s inside. Talk about claustrophobic!

Now imagine taking a deep breath, and opening yourself up, flipping your focus to everything that lies beyond.

Suddenly the whole universe of unlimited potential is at your disposal – and you can access it by just letting go…

The Spirit Realm is closer than you think.
As a spiritual medium, I spend the vast majority of my time focusing outward. To connect with source, I have to sustain a high vibration, a higher level of consciousness. Only then can I communicate with the spirit realm. I’ve become so accustomed to operating at this level of consciousness that it’s second nature to me, but when I break it down, these are the techniques that bring my “consciousness elevator” up.

Meditation and mindfulness. When I find myself worrying, fearful, resentful, or otherwise stuck in my head, the road back to my heart space is as simple as sitting in the stillness and breathing. My students have heard me say this again and again. Sitting in the stillness and being present is the key to accessing your spiritual gifts of mediumship, intuition, and healing.

Connecting with nature. If your mind is racing, and you can’t quite meditate, here’s a simple solution. Go outside. Take a walk in the woods, dig in your garden, or just take off your shoes and feel the earth beneath your feet. By doing so you will automatically balance your root chakra and feel a sense of belonging and connection to source.

Living in a state of gratitude. Gratitude is so powerful! Whatever you’re experiencing right now, there is something to be thankful for. Look for the silver lining, count your blessings, and feel your vibration go up, up, up.

Learning to forgive. You can’t raise yourself up when you’re carrying the weight of resentment and anger. Forgiveness isn’t excusing bad behavior, it’s simply letting go of negative feelings so you can move on Give yourself the gift of letting go of grievances against those who have wronged you – and while you’re at it, be sure to forgive yourself.

Right now, I’m feeling more connected with the universe and my highest self (they’re really the same thing) than ever before. I’ve been setting my intention to send love and kindness out into the world, and with that outward focus, I’m tapping into my deepest soul wisdom.

The insights that are coming through from spirit are incredible! You can achieve the same spirit connection by practicing the techniques I just mentioned.

Need some additional mentoring?
I’m getting ready to start a new session of my Mediumship Level 2 Certification Course. So many students wonder if they are ready for an advanced level course. If you’re wondering if you have the ability to connect with Spirit, I have good news for you. The very fact that you are asking yourself that question is the first step toward being a medium! Keep an eye out for more information about my new course. Together we can raise our consciousness and help elevate the vibration of the world.