What Every Medium Should Know

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What Every Medium Should Know

May 6, 2020 | JVP's Blog

When I was in my twenties and just beginning to practice mediumship, I’d often find spirit reaching out to me unexpectedly. I’d be at the supermarket or walking the dog, and I’d pass a stranger going about their day. In a flash, I’d feel a soul on the other side trying to connect with me so I could relay a message to that unsuspecting person. At first, I had mixed emotions. After all, I’d been gifted with this amazing ability, so why would I not share the message with the person it was intended for? But what was the best way to approach them without scaring or upsetting them? From the very start, I realized that with my gift came great responsibility.

Fast forward to today, and I’ve been connecting with the other side for over three decades. Not only have I perfected my own techniques, but I’ve coached and mentored hundreds of gifted mediums. I’ve taught them how to  establish and maintain a strong spirit connection, and just as important, how to work with the living.

“Sensitivity 101” is a requirement!
We’ve all seen mediums on television running up to someone and blurting out, “Your mother wants you to know she’s okay, and she’s watching over you from Heaven.” Imagine how jarring that would be if you weren’t expecting it! But, keep in mind, television producers are guiding and directing these shows, and they’re focused on ratings, not spirituality. I have always felt that all mediums should be required to complete a course in “Sensitivity 101” before they’re allowed to relay a single message. When someone is mourning the loss of a loved one, they’re in a vulnerable state, and mediums need to be aware of that.

Mediumship requires a lot more than the ability to “see dead people.” That’s just the beginning. To truly honor their gift, mediums have to be sensitive, discreet, and insightful – and incorporate healing, counseling, and mediumship into their work.

Messages and signs from the spirit world might appear in a flash, but becoming a true medium takes time. When I think back upon the road I’ve travelled, there are some key teachings that I believe every medium needs to know:

Give Spirit space to work its magic.
When I was starting out, I would join other psychics and mediums to participate in a development circle each week. We would raise our vibration by sitting in the silence together – allowing spirit to work on us from within. During our time together, we were not focused on doing readings. Instead, we worked on forging a true connection with spirit, and building a strong foundation to prepare us to go out and practice our gift.

Tuning out is as important as tuning in.
New mediums often feel bombarded by spirt messages. Some can barely sleep or eat because of the noise in their head. Controlling the flow of messages is one of the most important skills a medium must learn. I work with mediums to train them to tune in and tune out their connection – just as if they’re tuning into a radio frequency.

Don’t confuse television producers with spiritual teachers.
There’s nothing more fascinating and eye-opening than hearing a medium deliver a healing message. I’ve always found it gratifying to see how just witnessing a reading can have a profound impact on the way people view death. But television mediums can be guilty of blurring the lines between entertainment and spirituality. TV mediumship has given people an awareness of the afterlife – which is wonderful. On the other hand, it’s important not to sacrifice integrity in the quest for ratings.

Mediumship is complicated!
Mediumship is a lifestyle, and it’s the job of the medium to wear many hats. We are psychics, spiritual teachers, healers, and counselors. But most of all – mediums act as ambassadors for the spirit world. As such, my mission is to spread the word that death is an illusion, and our loved ones are always with us.

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