Discernment – The Foundation of Mediumship

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Discernment – The Foundation of Mediumship

May 20, 2020 | JVP's Blog

What does it take to be a spiritual medium? I’ve spent decades developing and refining my gift and I can tell you the answer isn’t a simple one. With the gift of mediumship comes tremendous responsibility. When I realized I had the ability to connect with spirit, I committed to becoming the best spiritual medium I could be. It wasn’t enough that I had the natural ability – I wanted my messages to be accurate, helpful, and healing.

From the very start, I was aware that my mission was to prove the existence of life after death. This required me to be confident in the authenticity of my messages.

The most important quality of mediumship.
Early in my journey, I sometimes second guessed the messages that came through. “Was this insight coming from spirit, was I projecting my own thoughts and beliefs, or could I have been picking up on the thoughts of my client?” I wondered, “Was I just wishing the messages into existence?”

That’s when a wise teacher told me about the concept of discernment. I realized quickly that discernment was the key – the foundation – of good mediumship.

Discernment is very simply, the ability to distinguish between things. True and false, good and evil, what actually exists, and what we wish existed.
Discernment takes more than just hearing words or observing a situation. Those actions are conducted by the mind. True discernment requires you to go deeper – to use your heart, your intuition, and to tap into your connection to source to see the truth.

Seeing the real truth – in any situation.
Is discernment limited to mediumship? No. It’s being able to determine the authentic truth in any situation. That’s not always easy, because it means letting go of what you want to see, to seek out what really is. For example, there was a time when I first came to California. I was working for a temporary agency, doing a lot of different tasks and meeting many different people. The transient nature of my work meant that I didn’t have time to build relationships with co-workers, and being new in town, I was understandably pretty lonely.  At one point, I was working at an advertising agency. There was a woman who gravitated to me immediately.

I thought we had a connection at first because whenever we chatted, it seemed that we liked all the same things. Music, movies, restaurants – you name it – any topic that came up, we agreed upon.  Sadly, I realized that something wasn’t ringing true during our conversations. My intuition was whispering that although this woman seemed like a potential friend, she was not presenting her authentic self. I asked her about it, and she admitted the truth.  “You know. I’m actually I’m not really into those things! I just wanted to have something in common with you because I wanted you to like me.” Of course, my co-worker didn’t wish me any harm, but the person she was presenting to me was not her true self, and that would ultimately stand in the way of our establishing a true friendship.

Recognizing filters and biases.
The same thing happens with mediumship. Everyone has something to gain.

The medium wants to please their client. The client wants to receive a message from a loved one. The spirit on the other side wants to connect.

But what is important is delivering the true message.

As a medium, every message you receive comes through your own filters. Mediums are human, but mediumship requires that you recognize when your ego, beliefs, biases, and preconceptions are influencing your readings.  Just like my co-worker at the ad agency, it’s easy to slip into the habit of saying what you think the client wants to hear.

But that doesn’t help anyone.

Taking the time to learn how to identify a real message from spirit.
Learning to be confident in your messages is a delight for a medium. Imagine not second guessing yourself – knowing that the words you are sharing with your client are what the spirit has intended.

I can help you fine tune your own gift of discernment, so that you can pin-point the truth in mediumship, and in every aspect of your life