Mediumship – An Elevated Perspective

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Mediumship – An Elevated Perspective

May 27, 2020 | JVP's Blog

Mediumship – An Elevated Perspective

Sometimes when I speak or write about being a medium I struggle with the exact words to use.

Do I refer to what I do as a job, a hobby, a profession? It feels like so much more than that to me, and I know my students would agree that the ability to connect with spirit is a precious gift that transcends the ordinary. I consider proving to the world that death is an illusion to be my divine mission.

After more than 30 years, I’ve settled on describing what I do as this – I am an ambassador of the spirit world. When I mentor aspiring mediums, it’s important they understand that their responsibility is to bridge the two worlds with love.

A successful reading requires that the three parties involved, the spirit person, the medium, and the recipient of the message, are operating at their highest level of being. Only then will the insights be received accurately, in a way that will provide the most healing and benefit to the recipient.

Bridging the gap between two worlds.

When someone dies, they leave behind earthly concerns. Their basic personality stays the same, but their consciousness expands. When they reach out with a message for a loved one on earth, they come from their highest self – a place of pure love.

To connect with the other side a medium must come from a soul perspective, elevating their own energy so they can serve as a “bridge” that allows the message to be delivered to the recipient. But the medium’s job doesn’t stop there. They must also help the recipient to open their mind and push aside anything that might prevent the message from coming through.

The spirit is always coming from a divine elevated place – to make the process work both the medium and the recipient of the message must also come from the very highest place possible for an earthy being.

Earthly limitations can keep someone from receiving a message, regardless of how much they want it. With the mediums help, ego, refusing to forgive, fear, and judgment are nudged aside so that the message can be received and interpreted as the spirit intended.

Delivering messages of healing.

Sometimes it takes a message from a loved one to help the recipient to heal, forgive, and move on.

Years ago, I conducted a reading for a bereaved mother whose son had been killed by a drunk driver. Losing a child is the hardest and most painful lesson there is. In this case, the driver survived, and the innocent young man did not. Understandably, the mother was consumed by anger at the injustice, and constantly replayed her sons last moments in her head. When the young man came through, he pleaded with his mother to forgive the driver who was responsible for his death and to celebrate the times they had together over the 22 years of his life instead of fixating on the accident that took him from her.

He shared a simple message that shifted his mother’s perspective. “Mom I died once, don’t make me die every day with your thoughts!”

An elevated perspective.

If someone has the gift of connecting to spirit, they might wonder how they would benefit from training and mentoring. I’ve worked with hundreds of students, helping them refine their skills and manage the complex three-way communication that connects the spirit, medium, and recipient. When the message comes through, it is the mediums job to word it in a way that is truthful, but that also provides the most benefit to the recipient without causing harm. Ethics, integrity, and compassion are all tools that a medium must possess in order to best serve all parties involved.

Mentoring can help a student achieve their highest possible level of consciousness so they can see the entire picture. Training and practice serve as an elevator, taking the student from an earthly perspective all the way to a rooftop above the clouds, where they can see both worlds clearly.

Imagine looking out a second story window and admiring the view. You might think it’s not necessary to leave that spot, but as you are encouraged and coached to climb higher, more things are revealed and the view gets better and better.

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