Float Above Your Fears to Your Happy Place!

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Float Above Your Fears to Your Happy Place!

Oct 26, 2018 | JVP's Blog

I was walking my dogs around the neighborhood a little past twilight. There was a faint hint of moon showing through the patchy clouds, and my neighbors’ flickering Halloween lights and decorations reminded me that right now is a scary time for some. Ghosts and goblins knocking on your door for treats are just neighborhood children dressing up for fun – but if the upcoming elections, wobbly economy, or high cost of living have you spooked, I can help you put those fears in their place.

Sometimes fear can be overwhelming, especially when what’s keeping you up at night seems totally out of your control. Dwelling endlessly on worst case scenarios and “what-ifs” won’t solve anything, but what WILL help is to remember that both fear and the idea that we have to control everything is an illusion.

When you’re afraid to turn on the news or pick up the newspaper, or when career or relationship challenges bring you down, remember the one thing you can control. You have power over YOURSELF, and only you can decide how you behave in the present moment. Realizing that whatever you’re worrying about is just a tiny blip in the vast universe of your soul’s existence will help you put your worries in perspective, and from there, you can replace them with positive, healing energy.

This simple visualization will help you rise above your fear, and discover your “happy place.”

Sit quietly in a comfortable spot, away from any distractions, and take several long deep breaths. Consciously release any tension in your jaw, your neck, and your shoulders. When you’re feeling relaxed and ready, begin to paint a picture in your mind of a hot air balloon sitting in the middle of a beautiful green field. The sun is coming up, and the sky is streaked with the pink and golden hues of the sunrise. The balloon’s wicker balloon basket sits on the ground, and with each exhale, you notice that the balloon itself fills up with a little more air. After a few minutes of your breathing, it’s full and standing upright, ready to take off. You observe the beautiful, vibrant colors of the balloon – the cheerful design makes you smile.

The balloon operator invites you to step into the basket. You can tell that the operator is capable and kind, and you feel absolutely safe and secure. You board the balloon and it lifts off. As the ground drops away you feel embraced by the vastness of the sky. The sun is warm on your face, and you feel lighter than air.

You want to go higher, and to do so you must let go of anything weighing you down. You imagine yourself picking up your negative thoughts, worries, and fears and holding them over the rim of the basket. Then one at a time, let them go. Watch as they float gently to earth, getting smaller and smaller until they disappear. As you release them, you notice how your balloon floats higher and higher.

Whisper “I’m safe, I’m safe” as you continue on your journey. Observe how large the universe around you is, and how beautiful. Continue to float on the air currents, and remember how tiny your problems appeared when you let them go. Enjoy the journey for as long as you like, and set your intention to carry the feeling of peace and security with you move throughout the day. Picture yourself light as air, filled with the colors and light of the morning sky.

When you are ready, you find that your balloon is starting to drift down toward land. The operator skillfully guides the balloon to a safe spot and you step out, feeling light, warm and happy.

When worries large or small threaten to invade your peaceful mood, remember the calm and light of your balloon ride, and picture yourself letting them go.

This meditation is just one example of how to claim your own power and choose love and happiness over fear. Looking for more inspiration? I share dozens of lessons and mind journeys like this one, as well as techniques to invite your loved ones in the Spirit realm to guide and protect you, in my Mediumship Level 1 Certification.