Guest Blog: Getting the Most Out of the Rest of December and How To Prepare for 2017

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Guest Blog: Getting the Most Out of the Rest of December and How To Prepare for 2017

Dec 16, 2016 | JVP's Blog

Happy Holidays and thank you for being a part of the JVP community! This week I’m featuring a fascinating piece by guest blogger Glynis McCants – Hollywood’s “go-to girl” for numerology. Enjoy!


Getting the Most Out of the Rest of December and How To Prepare for 2017

Written by Numerologist Glynis McCants

December breaks down to the 12/3 month. This means you have the 1, 2 and 3 Vibrations going for you this Month and there is still a lot you can accomplish before getting to the end of 2016. You can use that 1 Energy to get motivated – be sure to make a list of what you want to accomplish each day, and you will be pleasantly surprised by how quickly you get through it!

You can use the 2 Vibration to strengthen your intuition, and when something doesn’t feel right-make the decision not to go with it. And then use that 3 Vibration to communicate with the people in your life, whether family, friends or coworkers; this really is a Month to express yourself!

We are about to leave the World Number 9 (2016= 2+0+1+6=9), and many of us have been through quite a bit this year. This was a year where an unusual number of famous people passed away.

I think of David Bowie, Mohammed Ali, Florence Henderson, Glenn Frey, Patty Duke, Alan Rickman, Prince and so many others! I personally lost over five people in my life and am guessing many of you lost love ones, too. May they all Rest in Peace.

As for all of us still here, we’re going to head into World Number 1, and that represents a new start, and a real chance to take charge of your life. But for now, in 2016, it’s still about deciding what you want to keep in your life and what you want to let go.  If you struggled in your relationship this year and really feel your partner is not there for you, he/she may not be a part of your new beginnings in 2017.

Perhaps you’ve been working at a job for many years now, and no matter how hard you work, there’s no gratitude for your efforts. Send out resumes, now, so that you can move on early in the New Year!

I believe one of the most important messages of 2016 is that today is all we really have and tomorrow is promised to no one. So often I talk to people, and they act as though they’ve got all the time in the world. They say things like,” In five years I will be…or in 10 years I will be…” While it is nice to have long term plans, you really only have today. So focus on what you can accomplish right now!

How to Make The Most Of This Last Month of 2016:

If there are friends you want to spend time with, do it; if there’s somewhere you want to go. Go. There is a lot of unrest in the world right now, and although we are moving through December quickly, a lot more that’s going on the world stage will take place before the World Year of 9 is over. I suggest you keep your eyes wide open and be ready for whatever comes your way.

Another good idea is to do what you can to improve your health. Take a hard look at the food you eat and consider adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet.

If you’re sitting too much for your work or are very sedentary, you should add in some exercise. As I was saying on my radio show recently, you can exercise 10 minutes at a time, and if you get in at least 30 minutes three or four days a week, it will make a big difference!

The other thing to keep them in mind in this Season of giving and receiving, is that you don’t have to keep up with anyone else. The true spirit of Christmas does not demand that you give presents.

Sending a special card letting someone know how much you love them makes a big difference in a person’s life. Not an email or text mind you! 😉 But a heartfelt card hand written by you.

So again, what is this 12/3 month about? It’s about you deciding what are the most important and meaningful things in your life and letting go of all the rest. I wish you great things and big breakthroughs in this month of 12/3!

Using the Power Of 11:11 as we wrap up this Year 2016:

Since we are talking about the magic that can be found in this 12/3 month, I thought you would appreciate learning more about how you can use the magic of 11:11 as well.

Read on…

I get letters from people all the time letting me know that they have certain numbers that seem to follow them around. My favorite example of the recurring numbers is when people see 11:11 on the clock. When you see 11:11, it means that the Universe has opened up to release whatever it is that you want.

I once read that the universe has one answer and that answer is “YES.” So, if you say, “I can do it. I can achieve the dream,” the answer is, “Yes. You can do it. You can achieve the dream.” But if you say, “I can’t do it, it will never happen,” then the answer is, “YES, you CAN’T do it and it will never happen.”

In the moment of 11:11, the universe is open to whatever it is that you want, so I will spend the whole minute saying things like: “I have financial security in my life; I bless the relationship that I’m in, and know that it will only get better.” You can say whatever it is that you want for that full minute, and it will have an impact on your life. I have many people write me and tell me what a difference it has made for them.

Once one of my clients wrote to tell me that her husband had left her. She had become too focused on her career, and when it came to intimacy, she was just too tired.

So, she started to the power of 11:11. She spent every day at 11:11 in the morning and at night saying: “My husband realizes that it is worth trying again. He comes back and gives us a second chance. When we are together we do engage each other, and I am aware of his needs, and he is aware of mine.”

She did this twice a day for several weeks, and he finally called and said, “I do want to meet for dinner and talk.” Sure enough, they were able to get back on track, and almost three years have passed since I last heard from her.

I remember how happy she was, crying and laughing at the same time, saying that she could not believe how well the mantra worked. I believe that the magic of 11:11 works, and since we are in this final month of 12/3, why not add this to the to do list, and see what happens! 🙂


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