Guides, Karma, and the Soul

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Guides, Karma, and the Soul

Oct 16, 2017 | JVP's Blog

In November of 2016 I was co-hosting a Mediumship workshop in Scottsdale Arizona with Melinda Vail. I’d just put the final touches on my latest manuscript, Wisdom from Your Spirit Guides, and could feel the powerful presence of my teaching guides surrounding me. Melinda was talking about the Karmic Profile, explaining how the karmic burden we carry with us during our earthly lifetime influences our progress toward achieving our true purpose. 

This concept created an “aha moment” for me. I had a sudden clear image of myself on my earthly journey, learning the lessons I have been sent here to learn. I could feel the weight of my history and past lives, and was aware of my guides all around me, there to lighten my Karmic load and steer me in the right direction.

I’ve often said that the guides are invested in helping you achieve your soul purpose on earth, and Melinda’s words made me realize the relationship between Karma and Spirit Guides.

In this brief Passage from Melinda Vail’s Diary of a Mad Medium A Guide to Understanding a Karmic ProfileMelinda outlines what I call her “suitcase theory” of karma

The challenge in your Karmic Profile is to find out who you really are at your core.

First, you have to recognize that your spirit lives in a “suitcase.” The body is the container that the spirit chooses to be in on the “earth plane.” Our job is really to unpack the “suitcase” in order to be clear when we get to the other side. But more often than not, we are packing more into ourselves in a way in which we create more karma and end up on the other side with a “heavier load.”  Because we haven’t really been taught what our “purpose” is on the planet. We have many misunderstandings about that, which causes us to create more “baggage.” We will talk about purpose in a later chapter in this book.


Melinda does a great job of explaining that even though our goal is clearing karma, we can also end up adding more if we don’t understand our purpose. And that’s where the guides can help!

Here’s a section from my upcoming Wisdom From Your Spirit Guides that explains how everything comes together in your soul blueprint:

A Sacred Contract –

There may be many other reasons why certain guides stay with us. I must admit that, with my human brain, I’m not capable of fully understanding all the details. But from my work with the spiritual realms, I do believe there is an agreement between all the parties concerned that with each incarnation a sacred contract will be put into effect. The word sacred here denotes blessed or reverent.

Our sacred contract is made up of destiny points for the coming life. These are incredible opportunities given at specific times of which we can take advantage. There are also many soul lessons that were not completed successfully in previous attempts, and in the coming incarnation, a blueprint is created in which that particular lesson will be likely to succeed. This is when our guides come to our aid. They help us recognize these moments and influence us to utilize our free will, faith, and belief in ourselves to use the opportunity that will help us to learn and grow.

As you operate together with your spirit guides, it is of mutual benefit, for by assisting you in this lifetime, it will further support them in their growth as well. Whether incarnate or discarnate, both goals are one: to evolve spiritually. Once a blueprint has been agreed upon, your guides help you and your soul family to determine what roles you will all be playing during your upcoming incarnations. The selection of roles is determined by many factors, but the dominant reason is the fulfillment of karmic obligations while still creating an environment for the growth and evolution of the souls involved. It would be ideal if your blueprint were only focused on your soul’s evolution, but karma (the law of cause and effect) plays a huge role because your words and actions in previous lifetimes influence future lifetimes. The more consciously aware you become of the wisdom from your guides, the less karma you create that will have to be addressed in a future blueprint. The cast of characters (which consist of mothers, fathers, siblings, spouses, and children) are selected, and usually from one’s own soul group. Again, it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement for all. But occasionally a soul is needed for your incarnation that exists outside of your soul family.

See how everything connects? If you’d like to hear more, tune in to Melinda and I, as she guests this week on Hay House Radio – Tuesday, October 17 at 11:00am pacific. Better yet, join us in Scottsdale for our second annual Two Mediums at Large Workshop, where we’ll explore life, death, karma and the influence of your guides!