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Earth Guides

Oct 6, 2017 | JVP's Blog

Has someone touched your life, inspired, supported and protected you in a memorable way? When I look back, naturally there are family members who come to mind – but have been others in not so obvious roles who contributed to shaping the course of my life. These special relationships can seem predestined, or “meant to be” and they are! Spirit guides are everywhere, and some reside in human form.

We hear stories about beautifully special human connections on the news and read about them on social media. Some are dramatic – the heroes who saved lives and stayed to comfort the injured earlier this week in Las Vegas, and some more subtle – nurses and teachers who form a unique and powerful bond with someone in their care. The story of a retired marketing executive who goes into the ICU to hold and sing to premature babies moved me to tears this week. You can see him on my Facebook Page, and I’ll bet he inspires you to send your own love ripples out into the world.

In my upcoming book, Wisdom From Your Spirit Guides, I talk about Earth Guides. I think this passage illustrates how your path might cross with special individuals, and how it is indeed “meant to be” for both parties.

Earth Guides:

We often believe that guides are only those who reside in the spiritual dimensions. This is far from the truth. Guides can be people who share your everyday life like friends, neighbors, relatives, and many times even strangers. Earth guides are not consciously aware of being a guide of yours, but I totally believe that pacts are made between souls before physical incarnations to help assist each other. Perhaps you had a chance encounter with someone who caused you to think about an aspect of yourself that you had never considered before. Perhaps someone said some- thing in passing that assisted you in becoming the person you are today. Your life would have been very different if you had never met that person. Perhaps you had a child- hood friend who changed your life forever. I was lucky enough to have such a friend.

When I was eight years old, I was on a mission through my neighborhood to sell as many magazine subscriptions as I could for my school. I was just about to cross the street to reach the last house of the day, when suddenly a red Chevy rumbled up to me and came to a complete stop.

“Hi there, young man!” The bellowing voice of the female driver startled me. As I turned to look, I could see her eagerly waving for me to come over. I stepped toward the car and saw a brunette woman about my mother’s age whom I didn’t recognize. She motioned me closer so I could shake her hand. “My name is Connie Leif. I just moved here. I have a son who is about the same age as you. Would you like a new friend?”

Connie had such a welcoming feeling, and I knew instantly that I liked her. Her warmth made me feel safe, and she treated me like an adult. “Yes,” I said. “I would like a new friend.”

“His name is Scott. We live around the corner. This car will be parked in the driveway. I look forward to seeing you soon.” Connie pressed the accelerator and away she went. I could see her hand reach up and wave from side to side as she drove off. Her joy was irresistible.

Her son Scott and I quickly became constant companions. The odd thing was that I wanted to be his friend, not only because of him, but because I enjoyed being with Connie. I always felt she genuinely cared about me and showered me with encouragement. She was like a second mother to me.

As I grew up, I would spend hours at her kitchen table discussing people, life, and the ways of the world. I could talk to her about anything. Looking back, I know now that she was definitely a guide of mine, and without her insights and support, I would never have believed in myself. She used to say, “Jamie, reach for the stars. I will always be there to catch you if you fall!”

Earth guides come into your life at the perfect time with the perfect words to say and make an invaluable impact on the rest of your life. Some people use the term synchronicity or serendipity to describe these chance encounters that can have such a profound effect on us. But I don’t believe in accidents. I think people and events are placed on your path in accordance with the blueprint that you (with the assistance of your spiritual guides) created for yourself before you incarnated. The gift is to be able to recognize who and what has been placed before you for what they are: tools from which you learn.

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