Program Yourself to Receive Gifts from Your Guides

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Program Yourself to Receive Gifts from Your Guides

Sep 29, 2017 | JVP's Blog

You have a team of guides, both on earth and in the divine realm, who work through you to help make the most of your earthly existence. They delight in providing you with protection, guidance and divine gifts – all you have to do is make yourself open and available to receive them.

In this passage from my upcoming book, Wisdom from Your Spirit Guides, I share a few simple techniques to help you clear your energy and invite your guides to shower you with the abundant wisdom and priceless gifts they have to offer. Enjoy!

Setting Your Intention:

From the moment you wake up every day, you must have a sense of gratitude. Thank you for giving me another day to learn. Be mindful of your thoughts. I know that a lot of you who are reading this are thinking, My body is in constant pain. I should be grateful for that? Or My child has died. I’m supposed to be happy? I don’t want to sound like I’m trivializing your battles or that I don’t have empathy for your struggles. What I’m saying is that it’s my belief that obstacles have been placed in our paths so we can learn from them. In my worldview, everything in the physical dimension is temporary; it is your soul that is perfect and immortal. Try not to drag yourself out of bed each morning and think negatively. Also, don’t walk around in a daze. Train yourself to become constantly aware and conscious. Thoughts are real—they can affect your mood and your health.

When you take a shower and the water flows over you, close your eyes and for a moment picture a golden light of loving energy flowing into your body. Be aware that you are receiving this golden light in every cell, muscle, bone, and tissue. See the light expand and flow through your energy field and beyond your body into your spiritual self. As it does, imagine all energies that are not for your highest good dissolve and flow down the drain. Mother Earth will neutralize those. This golden light brings you a sense of balance, peace, and connection to the One Source. In complete awareness you know that you are part of the Universe, and that this beautiful energy stays with you throughout the day.

As you are preparing to leave the shower, say, “May God go before me and show me the way today.” You are setting your intention and programming the spaces you will encounter each day. When you send out this thought, you’re actually transmitting that vibration and the same energy will return to you. Make your intention personal to you. I vary my intentions throughout the week. Some- times I say, “I am a magnet. I will attract only love and the experiences that are for my highest good.” Or: “Spirit, guide me today. May everybody who comes upon my path be enlightened.”

Set your intention daily. Make it a habit. If you have to, put a note or object in or near the shower to remind you to invoke your intention. In two weeks, you will start to feel centered, connected, and balanced. You will have a sense of renewal.

I can’t wait to share the all the wisdom of the guides with you! When you pre-order Wisdom From Your Spirit Guides, you’ll also receive some extras to go along with this special book. Go here to check out the three gifts I’ve chosen for you, and stay tuned here and on my Facebook page for more wisdom, card readings and surprises from your Guides, and from me!