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Spirit Guides – Inspiring From Within

Sep 22, 2017 | JVP's Blog


noun  in·spi·ra·tion   ˌin(t)-spə-ˈrā-shən , -(ˌ)spi- 

1a: a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation.


Inspiration is such an interesting and thought provoking word. It comes from the root “spir” which means to breathe – or breath, but it is also an expansion of the words “in Spirit.” When I envision the relationship we have with out Spirit Guides, the word “inspire” perfectly describes the manner in which they operate through us.

How exactly do your guides connect with you? I’ve spoken countless times about how we are actually one with the Spirit realms, and that the idea of separateness is actually an illusion. There are invisible worlds all around you from which infinite streams of energy flow – moving through you and connecting you with the vast universe. Your team of guides is part of this energy, flowing through you like your breath, influencing, protecting and inspiring you from within.

You might wonder why these celestial beings spend their time guiding and protecting you. In fact, your guides are deeply invested in you   – because the expansion their own spiritual awareness comes from serving the human dimension. Their mission is to help you become more spiritual and enlightened, and the way that they do that depends on their own “specialty.”

Here are some of the guides who might be part of your personal team right now.

Your Master Guide heads up your team and has actually been involved in many of your incarnations. Your Master Guide is usually a member of your soul family. The master guide teaches you soul lessons and inspires you to fulfill your destiny.

A Guardian Angel watches over you and will pull or push you out of harm’s way when necessary. It knows when your Earth life is finished and is present at the time of your death to usher you to the spiritual dimensions.

Your Relationship Guides help you deal with the lessons of love. They work with your unique energy to attract persons with whom you are karmically connected. Relationship guides are often friends and family members who are now in the Spirit realm.

Healing guides are usually doctors, nurses, and other healers throughout many of their incarnations and they influence you in matters of mental and psychical health.

Inspirational guides are evolved beings who reach out to you from the higher realms to impart higher truths. Think of them as the professors and philosophers of the spiritual dimensions.

These are just a few of the guides who might be with you at this very moment – remember, guides come and go based upon where you are in your life, and not all are celestial. Some might be members of your Soul Family who are currently in their human form – but they all have something in common. They will be more effective if you are aware of them and open to letting them work through you.

An exercise to connect with your personal guides.

Take a look at the four figures in the image above. Without overthinking or forcing anything, use your intuition to decide which of the four guides speaks to you. Look at that guide more closely. With their image in mind, write a welcoming letter inviting them to take an active role in your life. Describe areas where you would like their help. As you go through the next few days, carry on a silent dialogue with them and look out for signs of their presence and guidance. Ask them to tell you their name, and use it when you communicate with them. You’ll be surprised at how effective this is in allowing you to feel the presence of your guide!

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