Transformation on the High Seas

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Transformation on the High Seas

Sep 15, 2017 | JVP's Blog

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.” – Anais Nin

I just arrived home from nearly a month overseas, finishing up with an incredible Spirit Journey Cruise. Two of my favorite people – international mediums Tony Stockwell and Lynn Probert – joined me on the Celebrity cruise ship, and together we led a group of Seekers through ancient streets in Italy and Greece and beyond, to connect with Spirit in ancient lands.

While it’s wonderful to be back in familiar surroundings, I admit I’m still in a bit of a daze – maybe it’s jet lag, or maybe I still haven’t 100% come back down to Earth after the mystical experiences we shared.

Here are a few highlights from my travels on shore, as well as some notable things that happened during the workshop that Lynn, Tony and I led on the ship.

Layers of History reveal themselves on the streets of Rhodes:

Rocked gently by the swells of the Aegean sea, I drifted off to sleep one night, only to be jolted awake by a voice that said “You’ve travelled these waters before, walked these streets under different circumstances many times, and fought many battles.” Intrigued, I jotted the words down on a pad beside my bed, and fell back sleep. It didn’t take long for their meaning to be revealed, when the next day we docked in Rhodes.

As we walked the streets, we could all feel the  powerful ancient energy. I had the odd impression that there were layers of history beneath my feet, and could sense that in past lives I’d been part of the fierce battles that had raged when the island was conquered and became part of the Roman Empire, then again when it became part of the Byzantine Empire and when it was later razed by Persians, recruited for the Crusades by the French and occupied by the Genoese.

In past life regressions, I’ve been told that I’ve been a general, or military commander many times. On the Island of Rhodes I could sense without a doubt that I had indeed walked, and battled on these streets before.

Many Mediums discovered their gifts.

Back on the ship, Lynn, Tony and I were led by Spirit to try a unique workshop format. Rather than doing readings and leading the group through exercises, we would each do a reading and then bring students up on stage, one by one, allowing them to practice their own Spirit connection. Many discovered mediumistic gifts that they never knew they had! I remember in particular, a beautiful reading a student named Jennifer shared with a member of the group. Jennifer brought through a message from Cathy’s deceased father, and as the details came through, Jennifer discovered that they applied to her own father as well. Both spirits were coming through at once in a beautiful synchronicity that infused both Cathy and Jennifer with love from the other side.

Feeling the Oneness and sharing the heart light!

Toward the end of the cruise, I noticed a feeling of unity in the group. So many people shared that they had expected to discover new places, and had hoped to uncover their psychic and mediumistic abilities. They hadn’t been disappointed – but there was even more. To their surprise, they had also received an even greater gift. They  realized that they were truly part of something much greater. They traded fear and the need to control for the knowledge that what will be will be. Spirit came through with a message  “If your heart is in the right place, you have nothing to fear – your mission now is to go out and touch the hearts of others!

Spending time with like-minded souls in a beautiful, energetically charged setting opens the door to all kinds of transformations! I’ll never forget my experience on this particular Spirit Journey Cruise – and I look forward to discovering what Spirit has in store during my upcoming

Mastery of Mediumship Workshop in mystical Santa Fe New Mexico

I know there are more amazing transformations and revelations in store! A few spots remain for this intimate event (I’ve limited it to just 50 students) I hope you’ll join me!