Three Unexpected Things You Can Learn from A Medium

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Three Unexpected Things You Can Learn from A Medium

Sep 8, 2017 | JVP's Blog

I’m exploring the Mediterranean with fellow mediums Lynn Probert and Tony Stockwell. The small group of spiritual adventurers joining us for the workshop are getting everything they expected and more – discovering beautiful countryside while our luxury cruise ship is at port, and tapping into wonders of the Spirit Realm during our time together at sea.

Lynn, Tony and I have shared messages from loved ones on the other side and led the group through meditations and exercises to heal and enlighten them. And, as happens at every workshop and demonstration, some students have had insights and epiphanies they never expected.

Here are just three of the surprising things people learn at my events:

1) You don’t have to be singled out for a reading to connect with a loved one.

I like to say I show people how to speak to their deceased friends and family with “no medium required.” At virtually every one of my workshops and demonstrations, I lead people through a blending exercise where they become one with Spirit. The experiences that have been shared with me are mind-blowing, people are especially grateful for the realization that they can reach out and touch loved ones they are missing – any time, anywhere. When hundreds of people gather at a demonstration, it’s impossible for me to deliver a personal message to each one, but everyone leaves changed in some way – and comforted by the fact that death is an illusion, and their loved ones in Spirit are always with them.

2) This is only the tip of the iceberg:  

Albert Einstein said “…the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”  As students begin to absorb how deceased loved ones and Spirit guides exist on infinite levels and dimensions, their whole view of the universe – and the part they play in it – shifts dramatically. The awareness that this current lifetime is just the tiny tip of the iceberg compared to the soul’s total existence can make the things that seem all-consuming and important pale in comparison to the truly important lessons of love, forgiveness and compassion.

3) Coincidence is God’s way…

I don’t bat an eye when people tell me of the most amazing synchronicities that happen at my workshops and Evenings of Spirit. It’s what I expect! When a group gets together and opens themselves up to learn Soul Lessons and connect to the Spirit realm, their guides work through them to give them what they need. Mothers who have lost children to suicide at precisely the same age find themselves sitting right next to each other. One reading will apply to two people at one time (remember – Spirit works in non-linear ways!), and incredible revelations are delivered from the other side.  I advise my audience to keep an open mind. You might come to a demonstration hoping for a message that your beloved pet has passed safely, and instead receive a profound healing from the spirit of your estranged father.

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