Hero, Savior, Victim or Martyr – The Roles People Play

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Hero, Savior, Victim or Martyr – The Roles People Play

Jan 19, 2017 | JVP's Blog

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts…”

William Shakespeare

What role do you play in your life? Are you the dynamic hero, the compassionate savior, the selfless martyr, or the downtrodden victim? Actually, you’ve probably played all these roles at one time or another, and each has it’s own rewards, consequences and lessons to learn.

In my new course, 28 Days to Total Transformation, one of my favorite exercises takes you through your entire life- from birth to the present – and beyond. You’ll relive important milestones and observe the role you play in your own personal drama. Watching your “performance” will allow you to see how the role you play determines the course of your life.

As you relive key points in your life, you’ll ask yourself the following questions:

• What role am I playing?

• Am I comfortable and happy in this role?

• Am I making things happen, or are things happening to me?

• How could changing the role I play change the outcome of this event?

• How do I evolve as I go through my life – does my role change?

• What lessons are to be learned from my experiences?

• Would I like to re-write any of the scenes?

To recognize the role you’re playing, it will help to explore four common ones. You probably will find that you switch back and forth between some or all of these – and that’s OK – it’s all about balance and awareness:

The Hero:

When you’re the hero, things just seem to work out beautifully. Everything the hero touches turns to gold. Heroes are strong, brave and daring. They take control, make things happen, and have few regrets.

Watch out! With so many people looking up to them, heroes can struggle with their own ego. With such high expectations to live up to, they tend to have an inflated view of their own importance, and suffer from a fear of failure.

The Victim:

“I never get what I want, and the whole world is against me” is the common refrain of the victim. They believe they have no power and that nothing positive will ever happen for them. Their focus is on the past and negativity.

It is important to remember that victims will only change when they are ready to take responsibility for their thoughts, words and actions – but when they seize control, their attitudes and their lives can quickly change for the better.

The Martyr:

“I’ll take one for the team” says the self – sacrificing martyr! Those who play the martyr role make sacrifices at the expense of their own needs. Over the short term, this behavior appears to be admirable. Martyrs are popular and sought after in relationships and in the workplace because they put others first.

This noble role is fine in small doses, but martyrs often struggle with pent up dissatisfaction and resentment because their sense of worth is too tied to other peoples’ opinion of them. Balancing their own needs with the needs of others is the key to success and happiness for the martyr.

The Savior:

“I can fix you!” Saviors are the healers of the world, attracted to people who are broken and need their help. Saviors can channel their energy to do wonderful things in fields like medicine, teaching and the military, but they tend to feel a little bit lost when they’re not in control. Their need to fix others can be a mask for their own feelings of inadequacy.

It’s important for saviors to take time for themselves and to be vulnerable and open enough to admit that they need some help and fixing too.

Everyone has their reasons for the way that they interact with others – family, birth order, the stars, even past lives play a part. But regardless of your history, being fully conscious of the roles you play – without judging them – will allow you to learn and evolve. And when the role you play is a match for your soul, you’ll be closer to the life you desire!

To make sure you’re playing the lead role in your own life and to explore many more enlightening exercises from Spirit, check out my new course 28 Days to Total Transformation!  Over 28 days of videos and live calls with me, you’ll tap into your inner wisdom to hear the messages Spirit has for you, so you can start manifesting the life of your dreams.