Honoring Your Sensitive Nature

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Honoring Your Sensitive Nature

May 22, 2021 | JVP's Blog

This month has been special for me, because I’ve spent much of my time with a diverse group of students who are working on very different gifts – but who have one important trait in common.

I’ve been wrapping up two of my live courses – Awaken the Writer Within and my Spiritual Life Coaching Certification Course, while at the same time launching a new session of the Mediumship Level 1 Certification course. I’ve had the chance to speak to many students during live calls, as well as picking up on the overall energy of the groups. It occurred to me that the students in each of these courses share a common quality – and it’s a big asset in any spiritual pursuit. But at the same time, this trait can also present challenges.

The Highly Sensitive Student
Virtually every one of the students at the JVP School of Mystical Arts is an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). In last week’s blog,  I talked about discernment – which, as I define it, is the ability to see clearly and assess accurately. Discernment is critical for a psychic or a medium, and just as important for a coach or a writer.

But just being able to see clearly isn’t enough. Sensitivity is equally important for spiritual seekers of all kinds. Highly sensitive people have a “superpower” that allows them to open up their awareness and tune into the energy and emotions of others. This is a key skill for coaches and writers, because it allows them to get into the heads and hearts of their clients or readers- tapping into feelings that their subject may not even be aware of. For psychics and mediums, this openness extends even beyond the energy of the living, allowing them to raise their frequency to connect with Spirit. I can’t imagine being a coach, writer, psychic or medium without being a highly sensitive person.

Enjoy the Benefits of Being Highly Sensitive – Without the Downside!
That being said, being sensitive can be challenging if you don’t know how to protect and shelter your own energy. The feelings of others can be a burden at times, and you can also find your sensitive energy overwhelmed by things like world events, crowded places, or loud noises.

If you’re sensitive and you know it, here are some techniques that will help you channel your gift in a way that will help you live your own best life, and still help others.

Helpful Techniques for the HSP:
Practice Self-Care. You deserve to be healthy, happy and calm. For a sensitive person, that equates to giving yourself time and space to recover from the chaos of everyday life. Decide what you need to feel safe and protected – time to read, a walk outside, a phone call with a trusted friend – then schedule that activity into your day.

Set Healthy Boundaries. Heed the words of Elaine N. Aron, author of The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You. “Make good boundaries your goal. They are your right, your responsibility, your greatest source of dignity.” Remember that boundaries benefit everyone in the relationship!

Create a Nurturing Environment. Sensitive people need a sanctuary where they feel secure and happy. Take steps to turn your office, bedroom – anyplace where you spend time – into your “happy place.” Something as simple as a coat of sky-blue paint, healing music, a cherished piece of artwork, crystals or a lovely plant can do the trick!

Develop a positive spiritual practice or a daily ritual. Make positive affirmations, journaling, or a practice of meditation and mindfulness a part of every day.

What HSPs Should Avoid:
Don’t tolerate bad situations because of other people’s feelings. Set limits for the sake of your own mental, physical and spiritual health (did I mention boundaries?) You matter, and if a group of friends, social gathering, or any event makes you uncomfortable, give yourself permission to pass on it, and choose an option that is better for you.

Don’t take on other people’s energy. Highly Sensitive People, by their nature, take on the energy of others. Be aware of this tendency, and create distance between yourself and the “energy vampires.” You can try my grounding techniques, or use visualization to imagine yourself in a safe shell that shields your energy.

Stop and think before your say YES. Don’t make decisions based on guilt, fear or the desire to please others. Put aside your “go-to” reaction of  putting other people’s feelings first and give yourself permission to say NO when needed, to protect your own energy.

Extra Help for the HSP.
Accept your sensitivity for the blessing it is, and channel it to help yourself – as well as other people. Remember, you have control of your own boundaries and how much energy you’re willing to take on from others. If that’s all easier said than done, and you find yourself struggling with your own sensitive nature, check out my course, Life Tools for the Highly Sensitive Person. It will provide the tools and techniques you need to live your best life as an HSP!