Learning, Connecting and Mentoring at the JVP School

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Learning, Connecting and Mentoring at the JVP School

May 29, 2021 | JVP's Blog

I’m always so excited to meet a new group of students. Even though I’ve been teaching and mentoring mediums, psychics, coaches, writers, and all kinds of spiritual seekers for decades, each time I walk into a live workshop or start up a video conference call I get a little tingle – a sense of unlimited potential. I know there will be students in every class that have something unexpected to offer me – and each other.

I created the JVP School of Mystical Arts to help people discover, explore and expand their spiritual gifts – and to create a space where life minded souls could connect.

My certification programs are designed so that students can learn in three ways:

1) By watching videos, and participating on conference calls where I use my experience to teach and guide them.

2) By working with other students to practice the techniques they have learned, and share experiences and resources.

3) By having the opportunity to support and mentor others. My higher-level students can even gain a platform to promote their business.

I believe learning is a 360-degree process, and I’m happy to give students opportunities to learn, connect, and share.

Developing Their Own Spiritual Style.
As a spiritual teacher, I come across so many talented individuals. With over 30 years of experience serving as the voice of the Spirit world, naturally, I have my own time-tested techniques that I share. But while there are foundational skills that all of my students must master, I also encourage each one to apply the tools I give them in their own special way.

My approach as a mentor is similar to an art teacher. A good teacher exposes their students to the basics of sketching, perspective and design, then encourages them to express their own creativity, guiding them to create a work of art that represents their own unique style and vision.

No matter how skilled the execution, I bet you’d be disappointed (and bored) if you attended an art exhibit and saw identical artwork from each student. It’s the same with mystical arts! There are no “cookie-cutter” mediums. Everyone has their own way of connecting with the other side, and their own way of using their ability. As their mentor, I know I’ve done my job when my students learn to trust their own inner voice, and I can see the beautiful expression of their soul.

Forming Soul Connections.
Do you ever feel like most of the people you know don’t really “get” you? Let me assure you, most empathic, intuitive people have the same experience. It’s important to me that you have a safe place for your spiritual exploration, and that starts with being part of a group that has a common goal- to live a soul-based life. If you haven’t checked out the JVP Student Community on Facebook, I hope you will! I’ve created a number of Facebook community pages where Mediumship Students, Writers, and other students can support and inspire each other. I’ve loved seeing how students have used these pages to make friends, share business tips, and more!

Teaching the Teacher.
I’m often blown away by my student’s abilities! I remember one student came up to me at a workshop and told me he’d been aware of a male presence around me as I was teaching. This medium hadn’t received much formal training, but he possessed an abundance of natural talent. He shared physical details and personality traits that proved beyond a doubt that the spirit he had connected with was my father. That reading was particularly special because my father had never come through so clearly before. The reading was a gift to me – providing much needed closure and understanding. I’ve also been thrilled to see my students on stage at our Mediumship Level 3 platform mediumship demonstration, where we give the advanced students a forum to share their gift with the world. During our last event, the readings were detailed and accurate, and I sat in the audience, beaming like a proud father.

Looking Forward with Anticipation!
I have a feeling that this year’s Mediumship Level 1,2, and 3 sessions are going to be amazing. My foundation course, Mediumship Level 1, has just launched, and we’re getting ready to open enrollment for Mediumship Level 2, and auditioning advanced students for my exclusive Level 3 mentoring program. My team has already received emails from practicing mediums and psychics, healers and Reiki Masters, who are looking forward to taking their practice to the next level.

If you’re looking for someone to help you share your light with the world, I’d love to be that person! Let’s take the next step toward making your spiritual goals a reality.