How Our Pets Communicate

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How Our Pets Communicate

Jul 25, 2020 | JVP's Blog

How Our Pets Communicate by Tami Hendrix

For as long as I can remember, animals have been a big part of my life. As a child, neighborhood animals would make daily visits just to hang out. Every day different ones would show up to visit, to teach, to help me understand them. I didn’t know it then, but my best friends, whether dogs, frogs, flying squirrels or cats, came into my life to prepare me for what I do today — help people understand the depth animals have not only to communicate but also to help us heal.

So, how do our animals communicate with us? They come to us through thoughts, emotions, images and pictures, physical sensations and even convey spiritual messages through dreams. I have always found animal dreams to be rich in meaning and clarity. Often they are prophetic and mysterious, but many times they are quite practical and convey a message you need to hear. Animals find it easy to reach us through our dreams; in fact, if you have a dream about your animal, pay attention! Write it down! Was it in color? What time of day? What images did they share? Animals use metaphors in dreams. How did the dream feel emotionally? Did you have the dream right before you woke up?

I have poignant memories of animals who have come in dreams. Some announced their arrival by appearing in a dream and then would show up a week or two later! Others shared messages about their feelings regarding a current situation. But some of the most important and profound dreams have been the ones relating to their transitioning from this world to the next.

Pooky, named after Garfield’s teddy bear, was a petite and beautiful Westie who was known for her childlike appreciation of the world. She would delight in watching leaves tumble down in the fall of the year. She would look up in amazement, her eyes wide and her body trembling with excitement. I always appreciated her youthful approach to life. It was only when she became ill and was nearing the end of her life that she slowed down. She slept quite a bit more than usual and seemed distant. I remember sitting with her for hours, just hanging out together. She was quiet and soft, her energy almost translucent. One day I asked her out loud if she needed vet assistance to cross over. She didn’t respond, and I wasn’t sure if she had actually heard me, so we continued to sit in silence with one another.

That night I had a dream. In the dream, Pooky and I were on a beautiful pathway of the greenest grass I had ever seen. On each side was a building. Pooky traveled back and forth between the two. She stopped briefly in the grass, looked directly at me, and communicated that she was in transition and had everything handled with no need for vet assistance.  She shared that she was traveling between worlds, preparing herself for her transition. Then I woke up. Two days later Pooky passed quietly in her sleep. Her ease of passing and the way she communicated her wishes made me realize how much animals participate in every aspect of their lives, just like we do. She had an opinion about her own transition and wanted to be included in any choice or decision made about her life. Pooky reminded me that we don’t need words when we listen with our hearts. We just need to “be” with one another to create a safe space where all hearts are invited in.

If you want to communicate in a deeper way with your pet, take time to simply “be” with them. Go for a walk together. Look up at the clouds. Sing to them. Most importantly, be receptive and listen with your heart to hear the messages they want to share. They will reward you with a deeper spiritual and emotional connection than you have ever dreamed of.