Connecting Psychically with your Pet

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Connecting Psychically with your Pet

Aug 1, 2020 | JVP's Blog

A friend just sent me a picture of his adorable new puppy. He had been wanting a dog for years and had recently started actively looking, checking shelters and rescue organizations. This went on for a while, until one day he spotted a little brown and white dog on the web site of a local shelter. The puppy was looking straight into the camera with warm brown eyes, and my friend felt an immediate connection. He wasted no time contacting the shelter to make an appointment, and as happens when something is “meant to be” everything fell into place effortlessly.

Fast forward one week later, and the two are inseparable. My friend told me training has been shockingly easy, and that the little dog seems to understand everything he says.

“Is it possible this dog is my soulmate?” He asked. “Do animals have souls like humans do?”

Yes! There’s no doubt in my mind that animals have souls – beautiful souls that are on this earth to teach us about unconditional love! As far as a pet being a soulmate, I used to believe that animal souls were somehow separate or different from human souls. But the more I learn about the soul, the more I realize that it is fluid and limitless. We are all one, all connected. Your pet is connected to you in life, and they will be waiting to greet you on the other side when you pass over.

I know that my friend found his soulmate in his new puppy, just like I found one in my little dog, Maisey. Maisey and I understand each other, I can sense how she’s feeling and what she’s thinking – and she can do the same for me. We have a deep soul-connection that allows us to communicate without words.

If you have a pet you’re close to, you’ve probably experienced something like this:


  • Your dog gets uneasy and starts pacing when you’re getting ready to go on a trip, even BEFORE you pull out your suitcase.
  • You’re considering adopting a pet, so you go to the shelter. As you walk up and down the aisles, one animal in particular jumps up and looks you right in the eyes, as if to say, “I choose YOU!”
  • Whenever you’re feeling down, your cat, who’s usually a bit standoffish, rubs up against you and won’t leave your side.
  • When you gesture for your dog to get in the car, he hangs back and looks unhappy. How could he know you’re taking him to the vet and not to the park?

In the examples above, are those pets psychic? Animals are amazingly sensitive to energy and vibrations. I believe pets tune into the people they love with all 5 senses, PLUS their powerful 6th sense. And you can tune into your pet the exact same way.

Here are three ways to form a psychic bond with your pet.

  • Take the time to be still with them. When your pet is calm, simply sit quietly with them and try to send them thought messages and be open to receiving any messages they have for you.
  • Tap into their energy field. Run your hands an inch or two over your pet’s body without touching them. Feel their energy. What does it tell you? Is it healthy and strong? Are they sad or sick? Send them love and healing through your hands.
  • Pay attention to your dreams. Our pets sometimes send us messages through dreams or psychic impressions. If you wake up after a dream about your pet, spend time thinking about what it means. Write your impressions down so you don’t forget what your furry friend is trying to tell you.

If you’d have a pet that you love, or if you’d like to feel more connected to the animals that you encounter throughout the day, you’re going to love my upcoming course. It’s a three live-lesson course, called Spiritual Animal Friends. I’m bringing on some amazing experts, including the very gifted animal intuitive, Tami Hendrix. I’ll be emailing you the details soon. I hope to see you and your dog, cat, horse, or bird, there!