A Psychic “Tail” – Maisey and the Blue Bowl

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A Psychic “Tail” – Maisey and the Blue Bowl

Aug 15, 2020 | JVP's Blog

All babies are born with psychic abilities, but most lose touch with their gifts as they grow older. I understand how that happens. It’s easy to get so caught up in worldly concerns and the expectations of other people that you find yourself out of touch with the spirit world, and worse, unable to detect the voice of your own soul.

If you’ve reached a point where you are ready to re-connect with your soul-self but aren’t sure where to start, I have a suggestion. Take a cue from the animals. There are lessons to be learned when you experience the pure unconditional love of a pet or observe a mother duck watching over her ducklings. Animals, like very young children, are tuned into a higher frequency – and their actions are wonderfully free of ego and judgement.

I’ve always been connected to animals. I live in an area where there are lots of horses – there are even llamas and a donkey living down the road. As I drive by, I can sense how they’re feeling. Usually they’re happy and content, but sometimes I know that they’re feeling off – sick, hungry, or in pain. If I can help them energetically, I stop my car and do some spiritual healing. Sometimes, all they need is a carrot to cheer them up, so I make sure I always have a few in my car for such occasions!

I get a tremendous amount of joy from just being around animals – but I also find that working with them is an excellent way to enhance your psychic, healing, and mediumistic gifts. If you have a pet (or if you can borrow one from a friend), try this simple meditative exercise.

Sit with the animal and run your hands over their body without touching them. Feel their energy, and as you do so, send love through your fingertips. Gaze at them softly, but don’t make too much eye contact, since some animals find that threatening. Synchronize your breathing with the breath of the animal, until you are both breathing deeply and slowly. Like with any meditation, thoughts will come your way – let them pass. Now tune into the animal  and see what you can discern. How is the animal feeling? Do you sense any pain, or emotional trauma? Is there a message they are sending you? Absorb your impressions without judgement and without acting on them. Simply listen and let your energy blend with theirs. When you feel a shift, you’ll know you’ve completely blended with their energy. Now you can ask the animal a question- psychically. Listen closely to hear their answer. You might be surprised what you learn!

Just a few days ago, I used this technique to solve a mystery involving Maisey. I had bought her a special bowl that had ridges on the inside to keep her from eating her food too quickly. From the moment I put the new bowl down, she refused to go near it. She wouldn’t touch the food I put inside, although she was happy to take treats from my hands. She wouldn’t even drink water until I moved the water bowl away from the food bowl.

I sat her down on my lap and connected with her psychically. It didn’t take long for the impressions to start coming. She showed me a time when she was a puppy, and the whole litter was eating together from a big blue bowl. Maisey was the smallest, and the others kept pushing her away from the food. She nudged her way through them in hopes of getting a few bites, when suddenly a bigger puppy bit her hard on the tail. I realized that the bowl she had used as a puppy was the same color blue as her new bowl. The bowl had triggered the old traumatic memories, and she couldn’t bring herself to eat from it. Another mystery was solved at the same time – I now understand why Maisey won’t let anyone, not even me, touch her near the tail.

Connecting psychically with your pets can help you develop your spiritual gifts, and also strengthen your relationship with the animals in your life. My upcoming course, Spiritual Animal Friends, covers all aspects of animal communication, from psychic connection to healing and animal mediumship. Check your email, and my Facebook page for more information!