“I’ll be Back!” – Connecting with a Pet Who Has Passed Over

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“I’ll be Back!” – Connecting with a Pet Who Has Passed Over

Aug 22, 2020 | JVP's Blog

“I’ll be Back!”

Connecting with a Pet Who Has Passed Over


“You think those dogs will not be in heaven! I tell you they will be there long before any of us.” ― Robert Louis Stevenson

Have you ever wondered if your pet has a soul, or if they go to Heaven when they die? So many people ask me those questions. The answer is yes to both. Dogs, cats, and other domesticated animals are light workers – sent to earth to teach us lessons about loyalty, friendship, and unconditional love.

As a spiritual medium, the messages I’ve received from animals are evidence that they go to heaven. From that divine vantage point, they watch over the people they love. Countless dogs, cats, horses, and other pets have come through to me over the years, sharing  memories of the people they loved and the simple things they’ve left behind: a bed, a bowl, a favorite toy. They’ll show me their favorite spot on the couch. Sometimes they let me know their thoughts about a new pet – and they often tell me how they send their humans signs from the other side to let them know they’re around.

When I decided to launch my new course, Spiritual Animal Friends, there was so much I wanted to include that I decided to invite some experts in psychic animal communication to help teach the live lessons.

Our first live online workshop will be on Thursday, August 27th, 2020. Animal Communicator Samantha Khury will be joining me to discuss Psychic Connection with Pets

I can’t wait for you to meet her! Samantha Khury calls herself an animal communicator – but she is that and much more! She’s an incredibly gifted animal psychic, healer, and medium.

To give you a preview, I’d like to share Samantha’s view of what happens when a pet passes. To illustrate, she uses an experience she had with her first dog, an Irish Setter named Star. When he was alive, Star had a game he would play where he would try to surprise her by sneaking up and bumping her from behind. When he passed, she missed him terribly! A few days after he died, Samantha was washing dishes at the sink and thinking about Star, when she felt something bump up against her. At the same time, she heard a voice in her head.

“Say my name out loud.”

She knew her beloved dog had come through to her, and said “Star, I know you’re here.”

All of a sudden, she could feel him merging with her as if he was wrapping his paws around her.

She could see his thoughts — he showed her how devastating it was for animals to exist one day and not to exist the next.

She realized that what animals need when they die is for their humans to acknowledge  that the connection is still there. By saying a pets name aloud, it proves to the pet that they are not gone forever – that their soul is still with the human they love.

Samantha explained the two sensations associated with losing a pet.

  • Imagine your child takes the dog for a walk. There is an emptiness in the house when they’re gone, but you know they are will be back.
  • Now imagine your pet dies – what they leave behind is different. It feels like a void.

When your pet first passes, you will feel that awful void, and you’ll know their soul is not with you. But a few days after they make the transition to the other side, they will come back to you. You’ll feel the energy around you shift, and suddenly it will feel like they’re just gone temporarily, as if they were on a walk.

At this point, it’s important to say their name out loud to let your pet know you can feel them, and that you’re still connected. This will comfort both of you and allow you to communicate with each other.

In just a few days, you can hear more from Samantha during the first live lesson of my new course – Spiritual Animal Friends. If you love animals and would like to explore the field of Interspecies Communication with animals here, or on the other side, you won’t want to miss this!