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Inside-Out Transformation

Mar 18, 2016 | JVP's Blog

Why do so many of attempts at self -improvement fail in the long term?  I’m convinced it’s because so often our efforts to change are only “skin deep” and don’t tap into our deepest levels. For significant change to take place, it has to originate not from your ego or what you think others expect of you, but from your SOUL.

I’ve always tried to live in harmony with my soul’s destiny, but recently, spirit gave me a very important assignment – to help others achieve their own “soul deep transformation.”

A message from Spirit.

It all started when I spent time with my old friend Margaret over the holidays. As we were catching up, she started to share plans for the upcoming year. She listed all the things she was going to work on – losing weight, getting her house organized from top to bottom, looking for a higher paying job, buying a new car…the list went on and on!  I noticed that she didn’t seem excited by her plans – instead I had the sense that they were a burden, weighing her down.

Suddenly Spirit whispered in my ear “Ask her what her soul is telling her right now!” I took it a step further and led Margaret through a short meditation to tap into her soul vibration. As soon as it was over, she looked at me with a big smile and exclaimed, “I’m adopting a rescue dog – we’re going to go on walks together and make some new friends in the neighborhood AND I’m going to reach out to my sister who I’ve been feuding with and tell her that I love her!” Then she laughed and said “Wow, where did that come from- I feel so much lighter!”

Spirit had a job for me.

When Margaret left I felt sure she would keep her new resolutions, and that they would bring her joy because they were aligned with her soul. But there was a deeper message in there for me. I set my intention to understand what Spirit was telling me, and over the next few days, began to be aware of powerful insights coming through.

I was channeling Spirit in a new way, and I used the messages I received to create a course that would help people to begin a joyful, soul-based transformation that would bring love, joy and happiness to every area of their life.

Living your soul’s destiny.

Students often ask me this question:

How can I find out about my life purpose, and how will I know if I’m on the right path?

To find your true path, do what Margaret did! Listen to your intuition. It’s the voice of your soul. Your soul will have a sense of joy happiness and love when you’re doing what you are meant to do. If you feel nurtured and filled with light, then you are living your soul’s purpose.

Before she tuned into her soul’s voice, Margaret was making plans to change her life based on what she felt she SHOULD do, based on fear of what others would think of her. When we are in fear and insecurity we are not having a relationship with our true soul. We have given our power away to other people.

You will never be happy if you don’t live your own soul’s purpose. But shifting into “soul-mode” can take a little work. Margaret did so through a guided meditation – I’ll be sharing that meditation with you in a video that you’ll receive in a couple of days, and it will be followed by two more videos to help you on your journey.

I also have a course coming up that will lead you through a powerful transformation – one step at a time. It’s too early to give away all the details – but keep an eye on your email in-box for your video and to learn more about the new course that Spirit and I have created for you!