Let Intuition be your Compass

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Let Intuition be your Compass

Sep 2, 2016 | JVP's Blog

Life is full of choices, large and small. You might be deciding if you should change careers, make a move, take a relationship to the next level, or lend money to a friend. When in doubt, always listen to your gut. Even if you’re NOT in doubt, check with your gut anyway!

Letting your inner knowing or intuition act as a compass is the best way I know to stay on the right path. Want proof? Think back to a time when you made a choice that turned out badly. Do you recall feeling the urge to go in a different direction? Chances are that your intuition was trying to warn you!

Turn back – the bridge is out!

If you love old black and white movies like I do, you’ve probably seen the dramatic scenario where it’s raining, and just in the nick of time a mysterious stranger stops a car before it drives over the collapsed bridge and plunges into the waters below.  That’s a great analogy for how your intuition can save you from disaster.

I remember a time, years ago, when I met with an event promoter who wanted me to sign on for a multi-city tour. The timing wasn’t good, and the tour would require me to miss some personal commitments that I felt bad about canceling. However, the promoter was very persuasive, and I couldn’t think of a “valid reason” to say no. I gave her a verbal okay, and as I was driving home, I was struck by a powerful impulse to turn the car around. I had the impression of another pair of hands on the wheel, almost forcing me to make a U-turn. I quickly called the promoter and told her that I had made a mistake, and I wanted to pull out before things got any further along.  Because only a few minutes had passed, she graciously allowed me to pass on the tour, and I breathed a sigh of relief. A few months later I noticed a note on my calendar and realized that had I not cancelled, I would have been leaving for the tour that day. The weather in that part of the country was horrendous and the tour was plagued by flight delays and half filled venues due to torrential rain. Plus, that week I was offered an opportunity for a television appearance that I would have missed, had I been on tour. My intuition was definitely looking out for me!

What’s better than knowing the winning lottery numbers!

I recently had lunch with a friend and the discussion turned to psychic and mediumistic abilities. When I told him that all mediums are also psychic, he jokingly asked me to share the upcoming lottery picks. You probably won’t be able to pick up that kind of information – but with a little attention and fine-tuning; you can amplify your inner voice and get in the habit of listening to it. I guarantee when you do, the information you glean will contribute more to your health, happiness and success than winning the lottery ever could!

Use visualization to “try your choice on for size”

If you’re faced with an important decision and your intuition isn’t signaling to you, try helping it along with this technique:

Imagine you have made your decision and a month or two have passed. For example, suppose you’re considering moving to a new city. Visualize your life as if you have already made the move. What emotions are you feeling? Now go deeper. Picture yourself waking up in your new bedroom, having breakfast, then opening the door and going outside. Let your intuition fill in the details. What colors do you see? Is the weather sunny or stormy? Is there music playing, loud noises or silence? Are there people around you or are you alone? Think about the picture you have painted in your mind – and let your gut feeling be your guide!

Building a foundation for other spiritual gifts.

You were born with intuition. When you develop and enhance your ability to be mindful of your inner knowing,  you will find that you will effortlessly make decisions that are in harmony with your true path. In addition, you’ll form a spiritual foundation that allows additional gifts to flourish – mediumship, healing, clairvoyance and more!

I look forward to exploring ALL of your gifts in my upcoming Hay House Course. I can’t share the details yet but stay tuned! The course is launching in just a couple of days. I can’t wait to share it with you!