Three Exercises to Tap Into Your Power

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Three Exercises to Tap Into Your Power

Sep 9, 2016 | JVP's Blog

I have wonderful news! You possess special spiritual gifts  that have the power to enhance your life and the lives of others. If you’re on my web site, it’s likely you have at least an idea of what your talent is, but you might need some help to truly feel confident about sharing it with others – or even fully admitting it to yourself!

Knowledge of your power can come in a variety of  ways. For some the knowing is a tiny spark that over time becomes a flame, and for others it comes like a thunderbolt from the heavens. Still others have a mentor – on earth or in the Spirit Realm – who shows them the way.

Your heart holds the answer.

When I think of spiritual mentors, this experience comes to mind. Years ago, I did a reading for a man named Bill who had lost his son to cancer. When I channeled Bill’s son, he relayed a cryptic message that his father and I didn’t understand at the time. The message was “I’m taking care of your hand.” While I couldn’t decipher what “I’m taking care of your hand” meant, I advised Bob to stop questioning it with his head, and to move into his heart space. I told him “Be patient and stay in your heart, and trust that the answer will be revealed in time.”

A few months later, Bill called me and told me that shortly after our reading, his right hand had started to tingle and feel hot. Fearing a heart attack, high blood pressure, or some other illness, he went to the doctor – to his surprise, nothing was medically wrong with him. Then he began to get a strong sense that he could heal others, and began to read about hands-on healing.  In time he gained the confidence to test his gift, and became a renowned and gifted healer. Bob realized that his son had given him a “gift from heaven” by activating and making him aware of his healing power. This might be difficult to grasp from an Earth bound perspective, but when Bob moved out of thinking and into a feeling place, he was able to understand the gift his son had given him.

Finding YOUR gift.

Bill’s life changed when his son delivered his powerful healing gift. Think about how confirmation of your own gifts could affect your life. What spiritual modality resonates with you? Are you a healer like Bill, or a medium like me? Maybe you possess a powerful sense of intuition. The first video in my free three part series will help you find out. In the first 20 minute session, I’ll guide you through a series of exercises. First we’ll practice a meditation to move you from your head to deep within your heart space. Once you are tuned in to your heart, I’ll lead you through a journaling exercise to identify your true desires. Because you have activated your heart through the first meditation, you’ll find your journal entries might contain some unexpected surprises and insights. Finally, I’ll help you to “amp up” your power by inviting spirit in and merging with the universal source energy.

All this is just in Video 1! 

After you watch my first video and experience all three exercises, stay tuned! There will be two more videos released over the next few days to take you even deeper into your journey. Sign up now so you don’t miss a single minute! I can’t wait to hear about your experiences and impressions as you follow the path to discovering your gifts.