Let the Light In!

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Let the Light In!

Mar 30, 2018 | JVP's Blog

The winter weather lingered longer than expected in some areas of the country, but it looks like spring is finally here. The flowers are blooming, and from where I sit, I see graceful grey birds with long black tails constructing a nest in the vines around my house, while tiny hummingbirds flutter around their feeder, enjoying the organic sugar-water mix Brian mixes up for them.

The house is breezy and bright.  We’ve welcomed spring’s arrival by cleaning and de-cluttering every square inch, and the windows are wide open to let the sunlight in.

The feeling of joy and well-being that spring brings to my physical body permeates my soul as well, and at this time of year, I like to take my meditative practice outside. I start the day with a walking meditation around the grounds, observing the new growth of plants and flowers and experiencing the world with all five senses.

Actually – make that six senses, since this is the time when I feel the most tuned in and mindful of everything around me – including messages and signs from the Spirit realm.

If you’re ready to sweep away the cobwebs of winter and embrace the warmth of the season, you’ll love this guided meditation! It leads you through a virtual spring-cleaning of the senses, opening up the windows of your soul to let the light in!

Meditation to Spring Clean Your Soul!

(This meditation can be conducted while sitting comfortably outdoors, on a chair or on the ground, but feel free to “take it on the road.” It adapts easily to a walking meditation – just keep your eyes open so you don’t trip!)

Take a few long, deep breaths, close your eyes, and release any of the days’ thoughts and worries. Now go deeper. As you breathe, picture the tension and old stale energy you’ve been carrying dissolving and flowing out with your breath.  What color is it? It might be grey, mustard yellow, or murky green. Picture it flowing out and dissipating when it reaches the sunlight.

Now imagine an old-fashioned whisk broom made of crisp, golden straw. Guided by a divine hand, the broom starts inside your head, and slowly, slowly, sweeps all the way down your body – down your arms, your back, your legs, making short, smooth strokes.

Set your intention to allow the broom to help you release deep-seated, stuck-in, resentment, insecurity, sadness, loss and anything that doesn’t serve you, with every sweep. They all become tiny particles that flow out harmlessly with your breath. Imagine them blowing away.

Now imagine yourself clean and balanced inside and out. You’re ready to receive the fresh air of spring, filled with unlimited promise and potential. With each breath, the sunlight permeates your being. Feel the warmth from the outside in. A glowing, golden light fills all the space that you have swept clean. As you sit or walk, feel the sunlight outside connecting to the light within you. Acknowledge that you are one with the light and rebirth that is all around you. Experience your profound connection with the universe. Sit in the warmth and let all your senses soak up the sights, sounds, scents and feelings of spring!

Embrace your personal transformation.

 I hope you’ll make my Spring Cleaning meditation part of your daily mindfulness practice. If you’d like more personal guidance from me, and if you’re ready for even deeper change and rejuvenation, it’s just a click away! My 28 Days to Total Transformation online course will take you to the next level with daily videos, exercises and affirmations, all designed to make you the very best you can be!