Let Yourself Sparkle!

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Let Yourself Sparkle!

Mar 29, 2022 | JVP's Blog | 0 comments

I wish you could see what I’m seeing right now! A friend invited me to join her at the Tucson gem show, and as we “speak” I’m surrounded by a treasure trove of gorgeous gems, stones, and crystals of all shapes and sizes.

My companion is a jewelry designer, and she’s here to pick out some material for her beautiful creations. Last night we were up late going through some of the gems and stones she had selected and talking. Her face lit up as she shared how she planned to use what she’d purchased, and I was struck by her passion for her craft. She showed me a stone she was especially excited about and when the light hit it, I noticed a fine crack that divided the surface.

“Did you see that when you bought it?” I asked, worried that she’d be disappointed when she noticed the flaw. “Yes, that crack is why I chose it. It’s called an inclusion, it won’t make the stone any less durable, but it will work perfectly with the design I have in mind.”

It struck me that her artist’s eye had chosen a stone because of – not in spite of – its inclusion. I have no doubt that she will create a unique piece that showcases the beauty of this stone.

Today, as I take in the thousands upon thousands of pieces, it’s not the purity of the gems, but the imperfections that stand out to me. With my new perspective, I realize that it is those small inclusions that reveal the stone’s history and strength, and make it special.

Honoring Your Unique Gifts
The beauty of “imperfection” doesn’t just apply to stones and gems. Many people hold a belief which I find very mystifying. They think I have the “power” or access to magical words or teachings that will transform their life immediately. Call it wishful thinking, but many people believe that after spending time with a spiritual teacher they will wake up in the morning and be the “perfect” person they’ve always wanted to be. Although I believe strongly that life is all about learning from others – about all kinds of things – spiritual teachers don’t have a magic wand that will turn you into an idealized version of yourself. If you think about it, you wouldn’t want them to.

Let’s consider what a good teacher, mentor, and coach really does. They expose you to new ideas and information and help open your mind to new possibilities. If they’re good, they inspire you to greater heights, and help you unwrap unique gifts and talents you might not have known were even there!

Here’s one thing it’s important to remember – no matter what course, certification or workshop you’re taking, and whatever path you take – stay true to what makes you unique and special. That includes your talent, your personality, your history, and your flaws.

In my Spiritual Life Coach Certification Course, my goal is to help you to achieve your goals in a way that reflects your true self. There are lessons that help you to uncover and achieve your true purpose, live an inspired life, set boundaries, and ask for (and get) what YOU want. Each video and exercise is designed to inspire and teach you to live your best life – on your terms. Start with coaching yourself, then use those techniques to help others. You can start a new career as a coach or use your knowledge to bring a new dimension to your current career.

Just as a gifted artist like my friend can enhance the beauty of the material that nature provided, a good friend, a good teacher, and a good coach will not only accept and honor what you are,  but will inspire you to sparkle.