Motherly Love

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Motherly Love

May 7, 2021 | JVP's Blog

With Mother’s Day coming up, my Mom has been on my mind. In fact, I was just talking about her during a recent student call.

My relationship with my mother wasn’t perfect, but I’ll always remember how she comforted me when I was a young boy and told her I could see dead people at the foot of my bed. She settled me down immediately by reacting very calmly – if she was surprised, she didn’t show it. She explained that not everyone had the ability to connect with Spirit and that it was a gift. It turns out she knew what I was going through, because she had also had “spirit visitors” when she was a girl.

As children, we expect our mothers to be selfless, loving, and always there for us. But we’re all human, and my mother had her own challenges. She was an alcoholic and often wasn’t available for me emotionally. It wasn’t until many years later, during a mediumship workshop, that I blended with her Spirit and for the first time, was able to understand her pain. At the root of her problem was her relationship with my father, who didn’t give her the love she needed. During a blending exercise, you actually “become” the person you’re connecting with. I experienced firsthand how alone she had felt, and was instantly flooded with compassion and understanding.

Now, my mother is one of my guides, protecting, nurturing and assisting me in a way that she wasn’t always able to do in life.

Finding My Angel on Earth
Maternal love and grounding energy is necessary for all of us –if you haven’t experienced it yourself it’s difficult to come from a place of love and forgiveness when dealing with others. But not every mother is capable of the kind of love you read about (or that the Mother’s Day cards and advertisements depict).

What can you do if your biological mother isn’t around, or is incapable of providing that special brand of unconditional love?

You have to look elsewhere!

I found my unconditional motherly love from a neighbor when I was ten years old. I’ll never forget how we met. I was selling magazines on the street when a red 65 Chevy screeched to a stop next to me, and a pretty woman with a big smile leaned out of the car. Connie Lief had a son my age and invited me to come over and play with him. I don’t know what made her stop her car that day to talk to me – but I know there was divine intervention involved! Her son was a nice kid, but Connie was the one I really connected with. She became a second mother to me, and was the person who taught me to believe in myself. If you have a copy of my first book, Talking to Heaven, check the dedication – “To Connie, the very first angel I met on earth…”

Getting the Love You Need

When you feel in need of “motherly love” try to focus on the LOVE. If what you are craving is the unconditional love and nurturing we’ve all been conditioned to expect from our mothers, think about other ways you might experience it.

You can find a substitute mother figure – an aunt, grandmother, family friend – any loving grounded soul who you can truly connect with will do.

There’s something else you can do. Instead of looking for a source of unconditional love, BE that source for someone who needs it. I promise you’ll both benefit.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the biological moms, stepmoms, foster-moms, pet-moms, and anyone at all who loves, nurtures and shares their light. Blessings to all!