Touching the Spirit World

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Touching the Spirit World

May 1, 2021 | JVP's Blog

Today, I find myself looking back at the various aspects of my life that have served me well throughout my earthly sojourn. I have always prided myself for my honesty and extremely “down to earth” nature, especially when it comes to life, death and what lies beyond.

Most people I am fortunate to meet are very relieved that I am indeed very “real” and actually “walk my talk.” But there is one part of me that completely shocks them – my unique sense of humor. When meeting people after a demonstration, you’d think they would tell me how amazing the night was, but no, the one comment I hear most often is: “I never realized you were so funny!” And I can’t resist and respond with: “But of course I’m a com-medium!”

The Life-Changing Secret Everyone Should Know
There’s another reason for my humor that I share with them: “Once you realize there is NO death, life can be unbelievably joyful.” I believe this to be the most astonishing gift my practice of mediumship has given me. It has changed my life, and in return I have attempted to share a piece of that awareness with millions I have interacted with all these years.
Mediumship is not JUST being able to talk to “dead people”, but it is a way of life, a window, a different perspective into people’s souls and into life itself. From this vantage point, one has an undying awareness of the blending and oneness of all of life. We begin to truly become in awe of the workings of the extensive intelligence of the Spirit World and its influence on our everyday existence.

It is very easy for me to say that Mediumship has taught me more about living than dying. It is because of the “laws of the Universe” which Spirit refers to all the time, that I decided to be a teacher of this great art of communication between worlds.

We are all Spirits Having a Human Experience
The first basic lesson of course, that I am not a human having a spiritual experience, but a spirit having a human experience on earth.

Part psychologist, life, coach, minister, parent, mediums will take on these various characteristics depending on the greatest needs of the “Spirit World” and the recipient on earth.
The first thought most people have of a medium, is that they are people who predict the future. No, a psychic is able to do that, where a a medium tunes into the Spirit frequency, raising their vibration to connect with loved ones in the Spirit World. Don’t get me wrong, psychics have their place, but for me, mediumship is much fuller and more life changing.

We Can All Experience a Spirit Connection
Another great myth I’d like to dispel is that people think that only “special people” can be Mediums. This is simply not true. Everyone experiences the Spirit connection in some way or another. Mediumship is simply about using the creative energy or life-force we all possess and gearing it towards developing one’s “soul self.” Another might choose to use that creative energy being an accountant or lawyer, artist or soccer mom. It is all the same energy, just used differently and when one is given the opportunity to learn how to surrender to the spirit life and open up their hearts, they are able to hear, see and feel the Spirit people surrounding them.

Many Ways to Use the Gift of Mediumship
If you feel a strong connection to the Spirit Realm, and are drawn to exploring your gift of mediumship, don’t be discouraged if you can’t imagine yourself on stage doing platform mediumship Many students goal is to work with individual clients, or simply to strengthen their own connection and maybe do a few readings for friends and family.

Mediumship can be combines with another career or calling. A spirit connection can enhance your career and can be effectively combined with coaching, nursing/ caregiving, counseling, massage and just about any work that serves others.

Having a spirit connection is life-changing! If you’re drawn to learn more about your abilities, I invite you to join me in the next session of my Mediumship Level 1 Certification Course.
If you’re ready to experience a fresh perspective on life, and death – and maybe even the start of a new career, I invite you to take the first step of your journey here.