Preparing to Launch

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Preparing to Launch

Jan 30, 2021 | JVP's Blog

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”       Steve Jobs, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO, Apple

I used to spend about half of my time on the road, and while I’ve become accustomed to being housebound, I still miss the feeling of standing on stage and working with a live audience. Fortunately, I’ve been able to stay connected with friends, students, and the rest of the JVP community through Zoom, Facebook Live, and You Tube. When I think what it must have been like to be at home during the Spanish Flu in the early 1900s, I say a little prayer of thanks for modern technology!

But, even after ten months, the quarantine still has some surprising aspects. My favorite brand of paper towels and  toilet paper are back on the supermarket shelves, but some items are still hard to come by. For example, this week my dishwasher gave out, and when I went to Home Depot to order a new one I was told to expect delivery sometime in June. June? I’ll check around a bit more, but I have a feeling I’ll be shopping for an old-fashioned dish rack pretty soon.

Thanks for letting me vent! It’s frustrating dealing with delays and restrictions, but on the bright side, at least I can see the end in sight. There’s a feeling of hope in the air, and I’ve noticed people starting to make plans about what they’ll do when the world opens up again.

That’s really what I want to talk to you about today (not my dishwasher).

These last few months may have felt like a break from reality, but by now you’re probably  thinking about what life will be like when the quarantine is over.

Before you settle for resuming your regular routine, ask yourself a few questions:

  • If you’ve been working from home, how do you feel about returning to the office? Are you excited to get back to your desk and co-workers, or are you dreading going back to the 9-5 grind?
  • If your career is stalled and you’re out of work, are financial worries draining your energy, or are you actively planning your next move?
  • Have you established a regular exercise routine, or are you worried about getting back into your pre-pandemic pants?
  • How are your relationships? Are you feeling connected and secure, or bored and isolated?

If the answers to these questions are causing you concern, consider this your wake-up call. Instead of complaining about being stuck at home – or just plain “stuck,” make this your time to lay the foundation for a fresh new life.

You don’t have to do it alone. For decades, I’ve helped sensitive, intuitive people like you discover and strengthen their spiritual gifts. Many of them felt as if they were “going through the motions” in uninspiring jobs or relationships and longed to find their true purpose.

My Spiritual Life Coach Certification Course was inspired by those who refused to settle for an ordinary life. It’s not just for people who want to be professional coaches. Because no matter what you feel called to do, whether a coach, psychic, medium, author, or something else… you’ll need to know how to effectively inspire, help, and heal others.

We’ll start by working on YOU. I’ll help you discover your passion and confidence, and tap into your power. Along the way, you’ll go of destructive patterns like self-doubt, procrastination and fear and find the courage to take the first step toward happiness, abundance, and a life spent doing what you love.

The new session of the JVP Spiritual Life Coach Certification program kicks off LIVE Wednesday, February 17th at 4pm Pacific, 7pm Eastern. I KNOW you’re ready to launch your amazing new life, and I invite you to join me!