Reach Across the Divide – Connect with Spirit in Your Dreams!

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Reach Across the Divide – Connect with Spirit in Your Dreams!

Dec 11, 2015 | JVP's Blog

We are all part of an infinite universe. Life on earth is just one single facet of our reality – beyond which all levels of time and space coexist. As a medium, I connect with the other side by raising my vibration and meeting Spirit halfway, in the netherworld between the physical and the spirit realm. When you truly embrace what it means to be a “soul, having a human experience” you will see that you are a being without limits – and that time travel, past life regression, and communing with Spirit are all within your reach.

The 2014 movie ‘Inception” illustrated how the lines between dimensions can be blurry and porous. Though it was just a movie, ‘Inception’ resonated with many viewers because it triggered their own soul- memories from beyond what we call “real life”.

Dreaming – the first step across the divide.

If this sounds farfetched to you, then consider – where do you really go when you fall asleep? I believe when you drift off to dreamland, your soul leaves your body and goes back to the Spirit world. There it reunites with loved ones, guides, and even visits other dimensions in time and space. Often, while in the altered consciousness that is the sleep state, your soul will review your future plans and upcoming events and prepare for them.

When you wake up and recall a dream, it is the conscious mind bridging the gap. Another way the conscious mind gives you a window into the dream state is through the feeling of deja-vous. When you experience deja-vous, while it’s possible that it’s from a past life experience, it’s more likely your conscious mind getting ahead of the present. It’s actually tracking an experience (or lesson) that your soul has planned in the dream state and which is now presenting itself.

The question I’m asked most often.

More than anything else, people ask me how they can connect with loved ones who have passed. Many of my mediumship students have been inspired to study with me for just this reason. The first thing I teach them is to raise their vibration so that they can connect with Spirit – and to accept that we are all limitless souls, first and foremost! Meditation, mindfulness, and visualization all help with establishing this mindset. Once you have laid this foundation, the easiest and most common way to connect with the Spirit world is through dreams.

When you dream, the line between the physical and spiritual world is gone, your limitations are gone, and you access a realm of instant manifestation. Best of all – if the conditions are right, you remain lucid throughout the dream and remember it when you awaken.

A dream is considered lucid if you’re conscious that you are dreaming and are able to manipulate and create the experience within the dream. If you meet up with a departed friend or relative in a lucid dream, you can actually ask them a question or share a message that you were unable to communicate to them while they were alive.

How can you induce a lucid, or conscious dream state?

The key to connecting with Spirit in your dreams lies in setting your intention before you fall asleep. These techniques will help:

Invite Spirit into your dreams.

Your departed loved ones and Spirit guides are all around you- but they are far more likely to appear if you invite them. At bedtime, visualize the person you’d like to see in your dream and imagine what you will say to them. Then fall asleep with the intention that they will appear.

Keep a dream journal.

When you wake up from a lucid dream, your impression of that dream can be as fleeting and delicate as a soap bubble. By keeping a dream journal you can train your mind to remember your dreams, and strengthen the bridge between the conscious and dream state. Stick with it – the more you record the dreams you, the stronger your memory will become over time.

Develop your third eye.

Dreaming falls under the domain of the third eye- the root of your intuition. The more you nurture your inner knowing and open yourself up to spirit, the more access you will have to other dimensions – both when you are dreaming and when you’re awake. You can strengthen your third eye (the 6th chakra) with yoga and meditation, or by simply sitting quietly and focusing on the area right above the bridge of your nose. The color associated with the third eye is a deep indigo purple, so picture that color as you drift off to sleep.

Strengthen your connection with spirit.

You might need a little coaching on your journey, and maybe a few like-minded friends to support and encourage you. I developed the James Van Praagh School of Mystical for just that reason! Check out my school site at and sign up for a course. You’ll find everything from simple meditation downloads to 8-week Psychic and Mediumship Certification Courses where you can interact with me and other dedicated students of the mystical arts.

Open yourself to the universe – set your intention to explore the unlimited dimension of your soul. Your loved ones and guides await – Sweet dreams!