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Soul Shift

Aug 5, 2016 | JVP's Blog

You don’t have a soul.  You are a Soul.  You have a body.  ~C.S. Lewis

What if you knew that the worries that consume your energy every day were actually insignificant? Your earthly existence is just the tip of the iceberg – a speck of sand on the beach! When you realize that this life is just a fleeting moment in your soul’s existence, it becomes clear that earthly priorities are just an illusion. Only through the power of love can you shift your awareness and move beyond illusions. Your soul is on a journey, and this lifetime is simply a part of its progression.

Shift your perspective.

Earth is a schoolroom, and there are some lessons that can only be taught here. The difficult nature of life on Earth makes it the perfect place to tackle things that stand in the way of your ascension to higher realms – challenges like fear, intolerance, pride, addiction, and materialism. Even difficult people are not in your life by accident, but because  they have something to teach you.

How can you make the shift in perspective from being a human being consumed with earthly matters and concerns, to a soul-filled being, fueled by unconditional love, passing through to learn lessons?

Be aware of what you say and think.

Remember that your thoughts and words have power. The thought you are thinking right now is forever a part of the fabric of your soul. Set the intention every day to think, speak and behave as a spiritual being. Listen to the voice of your soul, and let it speak for you. As you slowly awaken to your true self as a spiritual being, others will see your light and feel your love. This soul-to-soul connection magnifies your vibration allowing your transformation to happen at a quicker pace. As it says in A Course In Miracles, “What you perceive in others you strengthen in yourself.” If you send out negative energy, it will slow your growth as a soul. If you are a loving presence, your love will expand.

Replace fear and judgment with love

As you advance into a new insight of yourself, it’s normal to have a sense of confusion about your family, career and yourself. You might accept that you are “a soul having a human experience” but the fact remains that you are still living here on earth. You might fear that if you lose attachment to material things; your relationships with yourself and others will change. In fact, your relationships might indeed change, but only for the better. When your perspective becomes soul-based, all that you are giving up is fear, the need to judge and control, and the part of you that dwells on the past and worries about the future. No great loss – coming from your new perspective, you’ll emit a loving, compassionate vibration that will nourish those around you and allow you to manifest those things that wlll support you on your journey.

When you accept the new, soul-filled you, your understanding of your place in the Universe will transform from human to spiritual. There are a finite number of souls experiencing the earth dimension and you are one of them! The power of love within you contributes more to the world than you’ll ever know.