The Tale of Two Spiritual Communities

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The Tale of Two Spiritual Communities

Aug 5, 2016 | JVP's Blog

I’m on my way to one of the oldest and most renowned spiritual communities in the nation – the Lily Dale Assembly, in Lily Dale New York. Since1879, this spot has has been a haven for the enlightened – in fact, everyone who resides within its gates has passed a test proving that they are a medium, a healer or a psychic of some kind.

If you’re fascinated by all things spiritual, you’ll love Lily Dale! Every summer the small community opens its doors to the public. Visitors can participate in afternoon services or attend workshops at the Lily Dale Auditorium (I’ll be hosting a demonstration there on August 6th), tour the pet cemetery, leave a tiny figurine or fairy house along the Lily Dale Fairy Trail, or venture into the otherworldly virgin forest to receive readings from local mediums at the Inspiration Stump Ceremony. You can tour the town and schedule readings with the dozens of psychics, mediums and healers who live and practice there.

Lily Dale is one of my favorite places to spend time. I can feel my soul expanding as I observe the residents supporting each other in enhancing their spiritual gifts and sharing them with the world. The air actually vibrates with the energy of so many enlightened souls!

The idea of a spiritual community has always inspired me. For years, I participated in a development circle with a group of mediums and psychics in Los Angeles to share techniques, meditate and practice our craft. Since then I’ve made it my life’s work to create opportunities for my own students to receive support, mentoring and encouragement in a soul-nurturing environment – wherever they happen to reside, and regardless of their “day job.”

You don’t have to pack up and move to Lily Dale to be a part of a spiritual community. If you are working on your psychic or mediumistic skills, or are interested in seeing how energy healing, meditation or mindfulness can transform your life, here are some ways that you can reach out to others with the same goals:

Participate in a Development Circle:

I can’t stress enough how helpful a development circle can be to your spiritual development. If you are working on your psychic, mediumship, or healing skills, or just trying to establish a routine of meditation, yoga, or mindfulness, practicing in a group setting will make the whole  process easier and more fun. You can reach out to interested people on my facebook page or search my development circle database at

Sign up for a live workshop or class:

When you come to a live workshop, the benefit is two-fold. First, you remove yourself from your usual environment with all of its chores, distractions and obligations and focus on learning something new. The fact that you’ve honored yourself by taking this time is a positive step. Also, you’ll have hours (or days) to get to know your teacher and the students in the workshop – my workshops are attended by anywhere from 80-130 people, and we really get to know each other! Many enduring friendships are formed during our time together. You can check out when I’ll be at a town near you at

Take an online course:

Even though you won’t be spending time face to face with others in your group, you have a common passion.  Students of my online school – the James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts – can connect with each other, and me, through Facebook and live student calls.

Reach out to others on social networks:

I’m always working to develop my social network platforms to reach out and touch as many of you as possible. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and my new favorites – Facebook Live and Periscope! You can also listen to me on Hay House Radio every Tuesday and UBN Radio every Thursday!

I can’t wait to get to Lily Dale – it’s been a year since I’ve been there. When I get home, I’ll be reaching out to all of the students and friends in my own JVP Community! Can’t wait to “see” you there!