Spooked By Love

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Spooked By Love

Oct 28, 2016 | JVP's Blog

Haunted by the ghost of past relationships?

As Halloween approaches, it seems fitting to ask the question; what are YOU afraid of?  Ghosts, monsters and vampires might show up in our nightmares, but although we crave it – love is often the thing that scares us the most!

Here are three aspects of love that can spook even the bravest soul:

Energy Vampires.

These human parasites might not actually suck your blood, but they do undermine your power and drain your energy.  Energy vampires have a myriad of tricks up their sleeves – blame, guilt, bullying, jealousy and more – and they use them to put you on the defensive, so they can take, take, take.

Here are some “silver bullets” that will render energy vampires powerless over you.

  • Be in touch with your feelings. Do you consistently feel exhausted, depleted or sad after spending time with someone? Don’t deny your feelings – this is the residue that energy vampires leave behind.
  • Set boundaries and protect yourself. When you love yourself and practice self-care, it makes the energy vampire’s job a whole lot harder. They don’t want to work that hard! They’ll leave you for more vulnerable and receptive victims.

Harboring ghosts of your past.

Memories of relationships that ended badly, as well as unprocessed trauma and baggage from as far back as early childhood can cast a funeral pall on your efforts to form a loving bond today. These shadows lurk in your subconscious, causing you to choose fear and avoidance over love and trust.

Luckily you can send those ghosts right back where they came from by facing your feelings, and forgiving those who have wronged and disappointed you. Once you let go of the past, it will no longer haunt you. You can move forward – mindful and present in the now!

Taking off your mask.

Sometimes what you are most afraid of isn’t anything on the outside. It takes courage to reveal your flaws, insecurities and fears to another person – but you can’t achieve intimacy without dropping your defenses  and showing your true self.

Self-acceptance is the key to sharing your true nature with another person. Remember that you are a divine soul being, and you are deserving of love!

Now that you’ve faced your fears and you have some practical ways to deal with them, you’re ready to attract love!

This meditation is from my new book, The Power of Love, and it will help YOU to attract LOVE energy into your life:


To find love in your life, first become aware of the energy around you and the energy you feel when you are with people. You may not see colors or shapes like I do, but you can sense when someone radiates friendly energy and when someone seems closed off. Too many of us are at war with one another. This is an unnatural state of being. If there were no love, only fear would remain, and if there were no fear, only love would remain. The energy of love brings us together and does not separate; it is harmonious. Try as best you can to tune in to the energy of the heart. Feeling balanced and harmonious takes mindful work on your part. No matter how tumultuous the physical dimension seems, practice opening to the higher power of love. Try to put yourself in another person’s situation, and perhaps this will foster more compassion and understanding on your part. If you can approach life with a harmonious attitude, you will experience peace, and every person who crosses your path will feel your peace as well.

I am able to feel a loving, balanced connection with everyone and everything.

Don’t let fear hold you back from experiencing love! Pre-order your copy of The Power of Love – your official guidebook to manifesting love in every aspect of your life! For the next few months, everyone who orders a copy online or in bookstores can register at www.vanpraagh.com/poweroflove to receive a free transformational online course, meditations and more! It’s just my way of spreading the LOVE!