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Nov 5, 2016 | JVP's Blog

Think of a problem or conflict that has been weighing on you. It might be global, local, or personal. Whatever it is, take a moment to identify what’s at the heart of the issue. Chances are, you’ll discover that fear or the illusion of separativeness (or both) is at the root of the problem.

When you’re bombarded by negative and disturbing news stories on television, radio and online, it’s easy to feel that there’s nothing you can do to turn the tide. But once you accept the idea that your natural state is love, the next logical step is to take action to reflect that love out into the world. Compassionate thoughts, words and deeds have the power to eclipse fear in your own mind, and create a ripple effect of positive energy that has a positive effect on everyone and everything around you.

I wrote my latest book, The Power of Love: Connecting to the Oneness, as a reminder that you have the power to fix what’s wrong in the world, locally, and in your own life. You have the Power of LOVE! And when you’re acting from love, you can’t simultaneously be coming from a place of fear.

Enjoy this passage from The Power of Love:

Expression –

By directing your thoughts and words into action, you express your true soul character in whatever way that is. Let your soul’s expression blossom and illuminate your ideas in tangible ways. There are many methods to demonstrate your individual soul expression, whether it is through words, art, movement, design, finances, education, and so on. I always thought my path would be as a comedy writer on a TV series. Little did I know 30 years ago that my expression in life would be to bring information from the Spirit world to help people remember that they are made of pure, unconditional love! When you’re confident, you never try to be something that you’re not. Remember that without you, the fullness of God’s plan would be incomplete. You are a unique soul. Share your wisdom and expression. The world is waiting for you.

Don’t wait – Join my Love Revolution!

Each day on Facebook I’ll be putting my love energy to work with special acts of kindness, self-loving exercises, and fun surprises. Who knows what will happen – I’m going to open myself up to the universe and let Spirit inspire me! I hope you’ll join me in sending ripples of love out to everyone you come in contact with. I’ll give you a chance to share YOUR favorite acts of love on my Facebook Page. I’ll be giving away some fun prizes as we go along.

The Power of Love: Connecting to the Oneness is coming soon!

To amplify the love vibration, pre-order your copy of The Power of Love today – it’s my official guidebook to manifesting love in all forms. When you sign up at, you can register to receive a free course and an invitation to my online Love-in Launch Party.  The Power of Love book, and The Power of Love Activation Card Deck will be available November 15th – just in time for Holiday gift giving!