The Great Illusion

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The Great Illusion

Nov 11, 2016 | JVP's Blog

One Love! One Heart!

Let’s get together and feel all right. 

Bob Marley

As a human being, it’s natural – even instinctive – to align with others who share a common bond. You might identify with a race, ethnicity, religion, political party, sports team, fraternity – the list goes on and on. Groups can enhance your human experience on earth. For example, I get a tremendous amount of joy from being part of the spiritual community. But groups can also foster the illusion of separativeness– building walls between ourselves and others.  There’s the feeling that there has to be a dominant group, a winner and a loser.

Separateness – the great illusion.

When I wrote The Power of Love I added the tagline “Connecting to the Oneness” for a reason. Everything I’ve learned from Spirit points in one direction – separateness is an illusion, and IN OUR SOULS we are all one!

As a soul being, you are part of a vast matrix of Universes within Universes, a divine being of light! If your very human brain is worried about events in the nation or the world – concerned about what another group might do – switch over to your heart space. Everyone you see is connected to you, and there are no walls, no winners and no losers.

When you connect to the oneness, there is only love. There is no fear, and no separation. Every day, as you meditate and set your intention for the hours ahead, I challenge you to tap into the infinite source of all that is. As you go about your day, project that sense of hop, love and unity out into the world.

A Meditation to Connect to the Oneness:

This is the time to remember your Source. You are the essence of the heavens above and will always be a part of the materials from which the heavens are made. As you focus on your breath, concentrate on your heart space. With every inhalation, see yourself growing and expanding upward and outward in all directions. Don’t be afraid. You are much more than your body.

See yourself connecting with the sky, sun, moon, and galaxies. The stars are your doorways to the light dimensions. Begin to connect with the light world around you. After several breaths, in your mind’s eye, scan the galaxy and find a star that has your name and energy. When you find the star, become one with its light and its exquisite energy. Step inside it and feel its healing properties transforming you. You are becoming one with this light energy. Become aware of any dense or destructive energy you have been holding on to, and see it suddenly drop off you. The power and energy of love now fills in the space. As it does, you become lighter, and you float higher into the heavens with light energy.

When you are true to the magnificence of your soul, you are open to receive healing. The Universe always provides whatever you need. Become aware that you are much more than what you think and feel. You are a soul being beyond human comprehension; your soul light endures through eternity. The power of love not only transforms your soul but also contributes more to the world than you’ll ever know.

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